🌟 Growth Equals Change 🌟


In the midst of everything, someone asked me, "With all the grief, how do you keep going?" It's simple but profound—I lean on God and become the change I wish to see. Yes, it’s tough. Yes, I often cry for reasons I can’t fathom. Yes, frustration seems like a constant companion. And yes, I sometimes wish for someone to lighten the burden.

But I’ve come to realize, everything I've endured is shaping the person I am becoming. Losing my baby boy was a pain I never expected, a daily torment. Yet, with each day's end, I am reborn—stronger, more resilient. I've come too far to turn back now.

Triggers? They’re plentiful—any hint of oppression or domineering control sets me off. But I handle them better than the previous versions of myself ever could. "Keep your head up, baby girl," I remind myself, "all you’ve worked for, and more, is on its way."

Keep grinding, keep moving forward. Let them wonder. You lack nothing. You're diligently planting seeds for your future. It’s okay to not be okay, to blow off steam. This journey is uniquely yours, and in the end, it will be you and God who bring it to fruition.

Take this grief and turn it into something stunning, something forged from love. You are love, and nothing can change that. Take time for yourself, reflect, and realign with the values, morals, principles, and ethics that guide your life. If they couldn’t accept you before, they won’t stand a chance against the person you are becoming.

Believe in yourself, never give up, and always bet on yourself. There’s nothing but space, time, and opportunity ahead because growth truly equals change. 🌱✨

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