2021 Has Arrived, Happy New Year!!!

We have made it! Isn't the grace of God so good? We have made it through 2020, we have pulled our resources together, changed our mindset, and took those actions steps to bring us where we are right now.  The journey isn't over as much as it's just the beginning of all possibilities of abundance in health, spirituality , liberty, justice for all and wealth for generations to come. Yes, there is uncertainty but it's gonna be alright as we are just navigating and managing what we have left from 2020 and how we are going to develop and grow as we continue to navigate through 2021. We are thankful for life as well as one another in this New Year. 

Praises as you worked and accomplished some things in 2020 and working out what's left over going into 2021. We betted on Ourselves!  Congratulations! You took risk, you learned new skills, development and growth is on the rise and thrived through them all. Keeping our faith has made all the difference, we have a lot of work to do but, it doesn't feel like work when your doing what you love paying our rent of service on  this planet earth.


By now if your not where you thought you would be in this time. It's ok because I pray that you have gather all that you may have left unfinished and now are working on getting it completed no matter what may come this time around. You have began or done your research and began taking the action steps needed to get you closer to the life you desire to live for you, your family, and community as well as the generations to come. What you do everyday from here will layout the path and you already know it's gonna be a battle, you just have to remember that the battle is not yours it's the Lord's. All you need to do is the work it takes to get there however this time stay the path don't give up for what it is that you see for your life is ahead of you however, you must move to get there.

You will have to sacrifice, and yes you may  even suffer some hardships as you navigate through but this time you have what it takes to make it through whatever may come because you know where your power comes from, the soul lives and breathes in and through all of us.  It's time to continue building what was established from those that came before us. The principles are still the same however, how we go about achieving the outcome may require us to do something different than we have done before to reach what we desire.

Are you ready? 

Are you willing to do the work and stay the course?  

Have you changed what does no longer server you and gets in the way of you serving others?

Are you a gracious giver?

As it's better to give than to receive, however receiving is also good if you allow yourself to be open to receive.  Interesting huh?, that's right one can be a gracious giver and yet be terrible at receiving in return. We can imagine our health care professional's  after a conversation with you can identify an axis, diagnoses, treatment plan, and provide medicine, therapy, counseling, group participation and self building exercises. But none of it will mean and or change anything if you don't believe that it can change in you.  When we place things we struggle with in the Lord's hands no matter the axis, diagnosis, and or predictions it will be what God say's it will be and he will guide our mind, body, soul and steps, yet we must believe and open up to the faith that things can change. Should it not change we must demonstrate the patience to continue the faith and the work until it all comes together in us, around us and every step after will be a joy to make that gracious giver and even more gracious with gratitude and grace.

 Precious gifts children are from God and children are so free to express how they feel and their thoughts on life, wants, dreams and desires. They have disagreements and they go right back to playing and enjoying life. Many lessons we learn from them as they grow. Evolution is inevitable it's required in this life. So let's do what we got to do to ensure our babies have a better tomorrow than we have today.

We made it!!!! Happy New Year everyone may God continue to bless our lives, homes, careers, family, relationships, and the world.

Father God, I thank you for saving a wrench like me.................




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