Amazing Journey's Bring Amazing Gems

New paths along the journey can be a little unsettling at times yet, we keep right on going.  We keep going because the journey is just that great and our vision of our destination is so present within us that it pulls us even when we feel we can't walk the road traveled by the few brave enough to bet on them.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, we share some of the normal everyday stressor's that we don't most times look at as stressor's because it's what we do on a daily basis. 

We all wake up under the blessings of our creator, we all have families, married, co-habiting, caregiver, engaged, single, parents, grandparents and some have children.  We wake to prepare for our day.  What's your morning routine?  We pray, mediate, work out, work and shower. We prepare breakfast for our self and others were it may apply and we shuffle off to our jobs and children, sometimes parents to their schools or adult programs.  We are doing much and the day has just begun and we go about our day and tackle all that needs to be tackle and or dealt with and all that comes along with it.  Before we know it we are close to the end of our day and we wrap up whatever work that needs to be done for the day.  We pick up our parents and children from their schools/programs for their day.  We check in so to speak with our family members.  We go over any homework, and or needs that are needing to be tended too and preparing dinner at the same time.  Some have just enough time to do the above before they head out to do another 7, 8, 10, 12 hours, if not getting everyone ready for the next busy day and then rest only to wake and do it all over again. 

Quite magical you think and many of us do this day in and day out.  Wearing that smile of life is good and all is perfect.  Just many of the mask we wear even before the pandemic. Life is filled with all sorts of blessings, gifts and gems you find along the way.  Life is also filled with pot holes, cracks, speed bumps and hurdles to get over and we do.  Mostly everyone finds a way to keep even in the dark of the times we just keep going.  But where are we going and why are we working so hard or not working so hard to get there?

 Just about everything on this planet earth reproduces and creates new life. So, how is it that we think that because we become "grown over the age 18 and or status" that all dignity, respect, honesty and loyalty just goes out of the window.  Yet, other's mature and realize that no matter what the age and or status dignity, respect, honesty and loyalty always remain. It's a very interesting question as many love to say that they are "Grown" as if it means something (laughing). With age is suppose to come with maturity however, that is not always the case.

Mature person's know that with age comes more responsibility and the building of character. Having the insight to be aware of how they react to any particular situation and can handle it with dignity and respect for others even when they disagree and or maybe wrong. 

Grown person's know or express and display just the opposite of the mature person's.  Grown person's often shift the responsibility to other's taken no responsibility and most times lack character maybe not in most cases but the majority. You heard the saying can't beat their way out of a wet paper bag (laughing).  Does this mean they will never develop into maturity? No, it doesn't however, it does mean that they must be willing to do the hard heart work that is required to bring about change. This will definitely depend on what they are willing to practice and or sacrifice in order to bring about that change, often times facing that man or woman in the mirror isn't always easy but it's well worth the investigation.


 Sometimes the first steps can be the hardest when not really ready for what is coming and other times the first step is usually a resolution to a problem discovered from within the person and they are seeking clarity and insight. Because we are so diverse and come from different back grounds and up bringing the steps will be different for sure but the important part is to make that first step and the other's will follow when and if your ready. Should a person be not ready well, honestly it could take a whole lot of time, energy and efforts until they get ready or are forced to deal with what lies within them. Some can do it in a few months, other's could be longer and some well they just stay as they are living life from their view only.  Due to free will we all have a choice to deal or not deal, another gem in life travel journey.

 Weather you feel the need to say your grown or you are mature enough to just be grown and handle what grown people handle within the principles of the laws of the universe because as we know the laws of the land are flawed just as each and every human being on this planet so, what does that mean?  We're not perfect yet we are perfect when in alignment with the universe principles and in our own way and perspective. The gems in that is we are created for the greater good yet we don't always display this greater good Why?

Maybe we need both the good and the bad to appreciate all that really matters in life.  Do you know what that is and what it means to appreciate all that matters in life? I'm sure the responses will be just as diverse as the individuals that will read this article, exert, blog post.  The most preciouses gems in life, is the ability to have life itself....

For some of us it just comes, and for others of us we may need a little assistance in the process, some just take in life as if it were blood of my blood flesh of my flesh, others not so good at it but do their best, and the rest well kind of leaves many questions as to why even begin what you appear to have no desire of evening wanting to fill all the requirements that life has. 

In the journey, you will beloved, cared for, protected, you may even be unloved, uncared for, and unprotected as well as,  judged, mocked, mad fun of and even talked about, given little nicknames you just happen to stumble upon over hearing or just bluntly being called to your face. In the journey you may not know it all nor is it required to know it all but you must know always learn and know  something because in life you either learn and know it on your own free will or you will learn it and know it through life experience that may have lasting life altering affects that leave you having to choose to Fight or Flight.

You will have the free will choice to Fight through all that you have inside and challenge it in a more positive manner or less destructive manner  depending on the severity and degree of the life experience.

You also have the free will choice to take Flight never to face what is truly eating at you on the inside that is affecting not just the quality of your own life but the lives of others that you touch and or make contact with, that leaves being alone with no interaction possibly, in the jail house or in the grave.

It's something many of us have heard over the years if not in that way but, the message is the same. The old saying, " When we all get to Heaven Oh What a Day it will be." Amen Aameen 

Such powerful words that touch deep down in the soul of life for some and others may say, " Heaven is here on earth, Why wait to die to live in a place we know nothing about except what is taught through stories, books and movies. We have the power to create right here on earth."  Highly controversial topic should one choose to get in the conversation.

Weather you believe in a heaven, or heaven right here on earth it's not until you know you know that there is something so much more greater than yourself. That will make you move when you feel like you can't take another step. Make you go right when you wanted to go left. Just when you think that you just can't take another punch, kick or headshot from life something pulls you through. When you feel like your life has no purpose nor meaning and it shows you through the most simplest thing that, yes I'm here and we are going to make it. Those times you just know with every once of your being that your being carried through because you have no resources, power, of monetary dividends to draw from yet, you make it through with ease things just flow and appear out of no where, well not exactly out of no where because he will use every individual in a different manner according to the gifts and or lesson you need to learn in order to continue on.  

The old folks say, " When you know that you know, Your unstoppable but you will have to be resilient along your way." The beautiful most precious gem of the journey is the free will to choose which way we will go.  We can try to blame others, but how long will that last?  Not long, and here is why, every individual has a choice, yes, even children have a choice this isn't just for young children, adolescents, young adults and adults.  As life does not discriminate, an infant is only an infant for a little while and if the the learn hasn't started in the womb and those first moments when it all begins there can be challenges later however, it doesn't excuse the free will of choice because we all know when we are doing something that is not quite right, yet we choose to do it any way and we pay the price.

Having the blessings of free will during the journey also comes with the responsibility of others. Yeah, we know we hear it all the time be responsible for yourself, take care of yourself and yes, it's true to an extent. We have life here on earth for what purpose if not to take care of it and all that is in it?

It does not matter how you slice it, social economic status, rural, inner city, suburbs, environmental, social class, very poor, poor, middle class, the wealthy and you know each group has it's own taking care of one another in place it's always been in place. However, we are still responsible for all  and that is the challenge faced for centuries and some have been able to break the glass celling so to speak through out those centuries and so will we and yes, we will do it together and you no why?

It's the only way to change our future and we can't wait any longer because we should have started many yesterdays. Some may witness this and some may not but our prayer is that the next generation will have a different mindset as they too have free will of choice and will be in position to do what we are doing now but even better.

So continue to share the stories, read the books and listen for and follow that shift when it comes. Don't be afraid to be different and begin the new as it's already happening. The next generation is watching and taking it all in and processing as they formulate who they are?  Who they desire to be?  How they desire to live their life?  What will we show them more of what they already see or are we going to become the change we wish to see in order for them to become the change they will need to be to continue on long after we have gone.

So when one hears, " When we all get to heaven oh what a day it will be." it will be understood that the amazing journey of life itself is one meant to leave behind a great legacy.  One may think the legacy is about monetary gain but it really isn't not that it hurts. The amazing gem's in this journey are the marks we leave on one another and how they impact our live in ways that even the one that is impacting lives isn't even aware that they are impacting lives because it is just who they are and what they do without any thought, they see a need and they just fill it. With the knowledge that not every individual needs can and may not be met because, they are not the one holding the gift that can fulfill it. An that one just provides positive , uplifting, encouraging words or just their presence that is a gift. One will never know, until they know.  Have you ever met someone and after the interaction you just kept a piece of them even if you never see them again they are in your thoughts and prayers?

Have you ever interacted with an individual and you want nothing to do with them again and have no desire to ever interact with them again?  Have you ever had no interactions with an individual an no care too interact with them?  Most of us have yet we manage to work through life in harmony and every individual no matter the category continues on living the life meant for them or the life they choose.  The journey isn't always going to be sweet however, the journey will be what you make it to be because only you have the power over your journey no one else can do it.

Weather you believe in heaven or not you still have to do what it will take for you to achieve the life journey you choose and you have the free will to change it at any time now how cool is that. Because most of the battles we fight are battles that happen on every level and realm of life we have to believe in something, so why not believe in you and the creator of you and be the best you, you can be.

The young rush to be old and the old find peace in knowing that soon their days will be done here on the this earth and the only thing that matters to them is, " How did I live my life?" Good, bad or indifferent the question remains the same. Should you fall in between the young and the old have you asked yourself?

How will I live my life?

What legacy will I leave behind?

How will my life and the choices I make impact those I love, care and interact with say about the life that I will one day leave behind?

We only get one life to live and everyday we get the opportunity to open our eyes. I pray that we will take every opportunity within that day to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. We have been losing people everyday long before the pandemic and it's still going on some we know about and some we never hear about. So what is going to make the difference today that will affect change in the next day given to us?

The amazing gems in the journey are really free but, it will cost you something and it is going to require something of you. How many will answer the call and take action today that will change their tomorrow? 



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