Can You Have It All and Still Keep Your Family Life As High Priority?

Raising families today is not easy but it shore is worth it! How many times do we teach our children that cleanliness is next to Godliness, for sure to many ways to count (laughing).  Little people are precious beings but have you ever played with one they are pretty much not afraid of anything and they love to touch everything. How many times as a parent more so in the beginning stages then there's the battle of the teen years oh the joys of parenting.  

Now as the family grows so do we as every member but how do we handle the challenges that come along the way? 21 plus years we are parents and the beginning is the most challenging or can be. At this point the whole life balance is just a theory yet has many variables of evidence that life has a way of always balancing out and everything that needs to be done get done and life is good. But what happens when life has more pot holes, cracks, bumps, detours, dead ends and curves than we may have anticipated or possibly never even thought of as a life experience choice for ourselves? No matter what we face in life we always have a choice to stay in the experience, sir come to the experience, over come the experience and or rise above the experience. 

As a parent we have to figure out many things along the way of getting our families up and running and functioning in the performance mode to our perception of our successful family. Our first experience is our parents and or guardians and every model is just as divers as we are as people. We pass down generations of many messages, habits, behaviors, attitudes and idea's of life and the roles we play in it and how we play them. We are not exempt from our own decisions, behaviors, attitudes and idea's of life that we create on our own along with the generational traits that are a part of our make up.

As a parent and entering the work force comes with challenges like the schedule hours a parent is able and available to work. Who will provide the child care, will it be shared by the parents, child care provider, hired babysitter, and or family relative or close family friend?  The roles of care giving to the children in preparations of the days and weeks to get through and as the children begin to grow making the time for life skills and home work instruction as well as play groups, extra circulatory activities, family time, couples time and alone time. 



 Every parent struggles with these areas, support plays a huge role in getting it done and completed successfully not without incidents as life will happen on life terms yet the transition can be easier with support verses having little to no support.  The choice of building an independent life of your own. Depending on where you are in life when you become a parent will also play a role in your ability to parent effectively such as level of education, income level, relationship with other parent and the ability to work together or a lop sided and or controlling, substance abuse, ability to save ourselves and  our families to know the difference of healthy and unhealthy environments, relationships, employment, family, friends and or associates with whom we choose to allow in our lives that can leave a great impact negative and or positive.  Getting through life challenges can be easier to do with the right support wanted or unwanted some how we learn from them all when we are open and ready for it as that is the only way it all comes together for everyone in the family.

Have you ever asked yourself,  " How stable am I?" " How have I lived my life?", "How am I living my life?" "What is it in my life that could benefit from change?" and "How do I begin to start the change that I need for me and my family?'

Asking these questions doesn't mean that your not on the path of becoming successful nor does these questions mean that your not successful. These questions are questions many of us ask over the time of our lives. Just as the questions we ask like, "Who am I?" and " Should something happen to me what Life example will I leave behind?" " Have I given my children all that they will need to survive without me in the event of? Just some of the things we may question ourselves about in our life at different points, moments and or events in our life.

Over years of the labor work force, men and women face challenges when rearing  children.  Women have always been the care givers and some where down the line father's became care givers and most times they work long hours and or work more than one job to keep the life that they desire for their family. This can cause lost time with our children and or cause us to give up certain liberties in order to give our children more time or it can cause an even more space away from the important years of our children. That can create either a positive and or negative impact on our children.  Where do we find the time to earn a living and still keep our family as high priority?

 Maybe it's not so much about balance as it is taking the time to decide what's the most important and schedule all else from there.  When you put your children first by insuring that their well being, safety and their being cared for in your absence first and foremost the job and or career will be determined as to weather you will work the First , Second, Third or overnight shift to earn an income for your family. It isn't always gonna be easy as things arise and many employers main focus is having bodies to complete their company goals. Meaning most employers usually penalize employees if to much time is taken due to family issues, for example, with school age children and school activities, parent conferences, and level's of parent participation like school meetings surrounding our children's education and other related issues and or concerns in rearing school age children.   The care of loved ones can also become a factor when it comes to earning a living and ensuring the safety, care and well being of our aging parents and or partners that become ill, injured or surgical procedures.

Now when a company values their employees most will work with you as long as you keep open communication as to what you challenges you may be facing. While others may cut back you hours and or possibly dismiss you or you may just have to resign from the position until you can get control and or get the support needed for you to get back to work consistently.  This life challenge can be stressful especially if your the bread winner for your family. However, like every challenge in life we get through them and you will too. 

Parenting requires resilience, strong will and determination to never ever give up and our children are great motivators in the process. As parents we can always find ways to earn income should we be faced with the lost of a job and or career. Men and Women have done it for years, by taking whatever talents skills and or trades they have and using them to earn money. For example: someone that is very good at cooking and or baking may prepare meals, dessert and sell them to family friends and community members. Those who are talented with sewing and or tailoring may take orders for outfits made to order as well as those that may have home repair and or home remodeling, auto repair, pluming, electrical skills may contract themselves out for work in efforts to keep some sort of revenue coming into their home to maintain what they have and keep their family functioning and have their needs met. 

Today, requires both parents to work and there are many sources and opportunities that are available that will allow you to take care of your family and earn a living at the same time.  It basically narrows down to what one is willing to put into the efforts of ensuring that the income fit's their lifestyle and family needs. Weather you work  for a company or work for yourself, parenting can be achieved successfully. Your out look on life, what you are willing to do and or sacrifice to obtain it all are factors. Many parents will put their children first and take on jobs and or a career that works around their family schedule to ensure they have the family time needed to have a healthy happy family.  Some parents will take what's offered and put their families somewhere in the schedule and pray that nothing goes wrong or they will just work and not be present for those little things such as school parental involvement ect.

Whatever, we choose no way is right or wrong as we go about our parenting however, how we decide to juggle our parenting, job, career life can play a big part in our parenting roles and the messages that we send to our children so, we much choose wisely because our children are only children for a short period of time and when the time is over there are no repeats or do over's. We get one shot to be the best parents we can be and give our children the best life we can. So, if your faced with challenges of juggling family, work, life, health and well being join the club. Just don't freak out should things begin to go south because it will begin to go north as long as you are making the right choices during the process and only you know what the right choices are for your family and the desired life you wish to live and provide for them.

Welcome to the world of parenting, it can get crazy, no it wont be easy but you can guarantee through it all it will be worth it. One day at a time will get us through, taking each day as it comes helps relieve the stress along the way but always keep working toward your goals and so you will see it gets better and soon you'll be a pro parent in no time. No need to worry about balance just concern yourself with living and getting as much done as you can within the 24 hours we are giving each day we are blessed to wake up to love our children and teach them as much as we can to ensure that when they grow they understand the importance of being a parent and all the responsibility that comes with it. Yet, the only true experience is being one. Thank you for taking the time to read my articles and if anything resonates with you please comment below and let's begin a dialog. One that can help many other new parents and parents period as we all are diverse and can help one another to thrive and build successful families around the world.  You can have it all and still have your family as a high priority, let's face it our family is the most important thing we have on this plant as it is our legacy that we leave behind for many years to come, so let's make sure we have great stories that will be shared from generation to generation long after we are gone.


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