Experience is the Best Teacher?

Fear is an emotion that can only run if you give it power. Can you think of how many times you may have feed this emotion? Realizing that the fear was not real, well this emotion and I have been dancing for many year's and I have always out danced fear every time.

Fear is the silent killer of our dream's, goal's and or any change/ desire we ever had or have the will to live and cause's us to procrastinate. Procrastination and stagnation can be a rumble while your entertaining it. Fear, procrastination and stagnation comes in various ways, issues, symptoms and life experience DNA.  Fear can be within or can come from an outside force from others also in various ways you get what I mean I rather not list them here.

Life brings many different experiences and weather good or bad life is worth living to the fullest extent. Every time I have experienced the emotions and reactions in my life at some point a choice had to be made. Jump, fly, sink and/or swim (laughing), well it's only right. This journey has all of this included and more but each day I open myself to listen, read, write and take action I get further away from my past and move closer to my future while enjoying the presences of the present.

The ability to live in such a way isn't always easy but no matter how dark it may appear we know the sun will always shine again. The things we experience in life are the things that happen to us. It is our responsibility to benefit out of every happening in our lives so we can evaluate it and learn from it. Although, I must admit I have had to repeat some steps over time until I got the meaning of why I keep experiencing the same thing over just in a different form all because I had not learned what I needed to in order to move on.

Over the year's helping people and wanting and being what I desired of other's. I realized that I can only do with what I have.  I can not be who other's wanted or may have said that they wanted me to be. Nor can I help someone else when I can't help myself and that's where God/Allah or whatever name you call him comes in and things begin to change not without you doing your part.

During this journey I have heard three questions and they are:

A) What Is Keeping You From Living the Life You Desire?

B.) Are You Coachable?

C) Are You The One?

D) What Have You Mastered?

These questions make you think and they have you look at yourself and your life very closely and do some real evaluating in categories. These questions also make you have to get very real with yourself and where you are and what steps did you take to get there? How many more step's are you going to have to take to get to what your hoping to achieve.

I realized that I have taken some step's but in order for me to truly arrive to where I want to be I have to look at the second question an admit that at times I am not coachable but I am a dang good team player,  I have to see that my way isn't producing the outcome that I desire. So, I had to change some things and anyone who know's about change, know's it's a commitment, sacrifice, and daily routine almost habit until it becomes second nature and just flows.

And isn't flow the way of life filled with peace, joy, happiness along with success?

I would have to say so, now guess who is coachable (laughing). I am applying the steps with my own twist of course yet, I am doing it with the greater understanding of the true flow of life and how I see and understand the system of it.

Legacy or poverty often are the only choices when exiting this earth and it's funny because many of those who have come before my parents, myself and those in my generation have left this earth with both in some cases. (Humm) interesting isn't it?

Now the last but not least question along the journey Are you the one?  Hummm, am I the one?  I don't know exactly how to answer this question as I feel it's totally beyond my pay grade (laughing). No but seriously, it's a really good question one that I would say Yes, I am the one who show's up for me. I am the one who doesn't mind helping a lending hand even when I  need one myself. Am I the one to help bring about change in this world? I have to say Yes, starting with me and then and only then can I truly help other's. I like to think that I have help in some ways along the journey and I am grateful to have knowledge of those whom have had encounters with me in the helping realm. Really, for the most part I  am not God and my power isn't that great here on earth. I am the one to aide another in their time of need if I can and if I can't I am sure I know someone who knows someone that can help if not the person themselves.

Life is truly a funny thing and the more I live the more I learn that I really know nothing at all because the world is forever evolving. I just want to be a positive, motivating, energy moving being in the world in all efforts to make it a better, safer place for generations present and future one needle point stitch at a time. Because, I don't know much but I do know that it doesn't matter how successful you are. what you stand for and what you fight for, your character will always prevail and show itself.

I chose this new adventure knowing that I would have options and opportunities. Yes, I knew it was gonna be different, challenging and I was gonna have to learn things I never learned before as well as, do things I have never done before. And I know that whatever I go through it isn't going to kill me. So, the statement:

Experience is the best teacher, can really be restated as The Experience is the best teacher when you can react positively to change and see growth in yourself first and every thing else will flow.


I ask today:

What would it look like to you to show up in your life, job, dream's of success, and or business daily?


How can you organize your life so you commit over the long haul?


I will be working on these questions also, let's get together and compare notes as I am at the beginning of the journey and what better way to grow then grassroots style on the ground level.

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