Growing Learning Healing We All Do It…

On the journey of healing from life challenges isn’t always as easy as many think. Many will tell you to let it go, get over it and it makes you feel as if your all alone and no one understands. Well I totally understand the affects of life changing challenges and what they can do to and for you over periods of time. 

Many times I feel that life will allow us the experience of life changing experiences to help us become even more amazing people. When I hear stories of how so many people have taken their pain and turned it into triumph and just got to winning I was blown away.  Yes life can be hard, life can be challenging but life can also be just the absolute pleasure of bringing out the very best in us all should we choose that path.

Choosing to work through your pain is a brave thing to choose reasons being that we all know just how hard it is to get up and keep going when we don’t have the mindset to do so at the time. Yet, something inside begins to null at you telling you that you can’t stay where you are in the darkness of your pain. The voice tell’s you that there is more than what is right here in front of you. When that voice leads you to take action it’s an incredible journey.

They say when you look good you feel good. No one ever speaks of the mask we wear when we are dress to kill and everything inside is just falling apart yet we do our best to hold it all together. Many of us do it everyday any no one has a clue. We are doing our best to maintain so others will not know that we are struggling in areas of our lives.

Well suffer no more and know that you don’t have to suffer alone. Many are taking control of their lives today in a variety of areas in their life. Weather it’s through counseling, therapy, finding their passion and going for it. Building a new life can be challenging and very emotional especially if you haven’t done your heart work for self. Yet it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue on, it just means that you will need the right tools, skills, mentors and or coaches to help you get through and yes there are periods of the heart work process that will require you to do the work yourself and that is where the true gems lie right within your very being.

Many will quite before their break through shows up and wonder why they are having trouble getting to the next phase. Many will become discouraged in the process but will find that extra push to move themselves forward. See healing doesn’t have to be perfect. Healing is healing fast or slow and healing takes time especially from the inside out.

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