Happy New Year! You Matter, Your Life Matters and Your Life Business Is Serious!

You ever have that moment when you realize that you are the one holding you back? Dang, it is the best of times and the worst of times for many that actually experience this life wake up call. You know that moment when you realize that all the things you told yourself that you could not do? However, when you get sick and tired of believing all the things you told yourself what you can’t do and start doing it? Soon you discover that getting to what you want is going to require some sacrifice, planning, time and effort to get it completed. The journey doesn’t always feel good but when you go back to the reason you decided to go for what you want it drives you in the times you feel like nothing is going the way you thought it would.

In life we are fully aware of things that may not go the way we think it should and how do we handle this? Fuss, cuss, sulk, complain, or suck it up and or get busy to start over again towards your goals? To be honest through the process some will lay in bed and ponder what went wrong instead of thinking about what they can do to get it right. It’s all about your mindset and how bad do you really want what your going for. Nothing should not get in the way but it will it’s just the reality of life. It will be your will and drive that will drive you as Earl Nightingale reports we become what we think about. This journey is going to require you to have the ability to think for yourself and take the steps you need to get your momentum moving. 

Group interaction and engagement is a requirement for many of the opportunities as within the groups are training , accountability, tips on social media, some offer certifications in specific specialized areas, building your business is done with simple clicks, your dream’s are sold separately since you have to create them and live them out as they come from within you. 

For so may years I told myself based on my current situations at the time that I could not afford to go for my dreams, and I said this for many years. However, it was not until I watched my mother prepare for home going that I realized that the world nor my wants are going to come to me if I don’t go for it! The journey to finding what I wanted out of life started out as concerts of artist I wanted to see, get always local and just last year I was able to begin starting knocking off my travel bucket list and what an amazing journey that was. The principle of me sharing this is to relate that it was not until I got serious about my life that I started taking the steps to actually live my life so I have been doing so every since.

Because I am aware of my ability to get lost in large groups I tend to go on a self exploration of anything that I get involved into, yes that’s right the self teaching lane. This lane does get you on the road to where you are going however, there are times when you will need help. I learned over the time that you must go through many people to get to the one that will provide you real help most times they will offer you there services as well so needless to say I have a list. (Laughing) So my list is full of all the greats as far as I am concerned and I share them all with everyone I speak with because if it was not for them I probably would have given up a long time ago. As all of them have helped me to work things out in some form or fashion paid and free.


Along this journey I discovered that you have to be aware of who you are or you can get lost in the dreadful comparison competition and jealousy all of which are a quick way to struggle forever. You must be alright in the skin your in and here’s why.  We all don’t think a like, learn a like, see perspectives a like and personality can clash and not everyone knows how to work there way back from the very things meant to keep you from discovering the beautiful life of you and who you are authenticity. When you are aware of who you are it keeps you on your course. When your not certain you can easily be suede. The ability to handle life’s stressors and adapt to change is always an opportunity for growth in your life yet not all will see it this way. 

To get to the other side of change it takes both negative and positive self talk. As many times one will feel fear, doubt, possible feelings of uncertainty until you begin to challenge all those negative things with positive one breaking down every reason one could give themselves every chance to prove to one self that you are worthy and this change just maybe the very thing to change your life’s direction for every but you will never know if you fail to try it at least once or twice by the third time your ready for anything that will come your way. 

Without self discovery we fall to others wants needs and desires sort of like people pleasing but without one original thought of your own about your life that your living. It was in that moment that I realized that yes, my children and family are very important to me and I have done all the things that one does that cares for and loves their family however, I often times would fail to give that same care and love to myself. Thinking that one day I will have the time to build the life I truly want. Don’t get me wrong the life that I live is the live I truly wanted at one point and time in my life as well however in life we evolve and discover that in reality many of us have no clue as to what we really want or else when we achieve the things we want for our lives we would completely satisfied with where we may find ourselves in our life over different phases and changes.

I have become comfortable with being uncomfortable as I too discovered that yes, I desire to have different life experiences but I too am unclear as to what I want out of this life. I have decided to just live my life and do my best at whatever I decide to do and since the first have turned out pretty well. I have no doubt that the next half will be just as amazing as well as a surprise to see just where I will land in the future. I have many idea’s of the life I may desire to live but there’s no guarantee that when I reach it, it’s going to be what I expected to be and I say that because my life experience has shown me that I can set my sail to achieve many things in my life and I have but not without challenges. I figure that the rest of my life will go the same and last year taught me just that with the lost of my son. I really thought I get the opportunity to see his rights of passage to manhood yet, I am grateful for the peek that God allowed us all to see.

As I continue on in this life journey I encourage many to spread love, peace and understanding. Do your best to reframe from the judgement of other’s as you too will be judged. When you move and operate in love you realize that this life is an amazing life and we should do all that is within our power to create the best life we can make. That evolves loving ourselves, family, community and the society in which we live. Money isn’t everything yet, we need it just like the air we breathe everyday. And we breathe the air weather it’s good or bad for us daily. It’s what we do to ensure that we are doing our part in the world weather it’s going green, paperless, biking verses driving to save the ozone layers of the earth and more.

One struggle we all have in common is the consistency of cash flow in our lives and our business. This is mostly due to how we view our relationship with money and how we see it in our lives. I believe after my parents death that I just became upset with waiting for the so called good things in life. Living the rat race of life going to work to have to decide weather I will feed my family or pay the bills was emotionally draining and frustrating. Why was I not living the life that I desire to live?  Why was I not investing in myself as I was investing into a job that is giving me just enough to keep me coming back as they tax more, and contribute less in to the wages and benefits,  never mind the politics that take place in many job sites but I was determined to begin to take responsibility of my own life and what I want out of life even though I have no clear vision as to where I see my life years even decades from now. I looked deep inside myself did the work on me and now I realize that anything is possible and the only way it was going to manifest in my life was if I took the steps to do so. 

It’s very interesting to step outside yourself and see that the only reason you are not where you want to be is because you allowed all the things taught to you and the fear of becoming 100% responsible for your total life and well being is very uncomfortable yet very exciting at the same time. You begin to see that you can do many things if you just start the process. It’s in the process where you learn the true meaning of this life as everything is temporary your job, your education, your children, even your life. It makes you stop and take a look to see what your life truly means to you. Living on someone’s else’s schedule or taking responsibility to create your own?

In life we may take more than we give and that could possibly be part of our problem when it comes to identifying solutions.  Sometimes the solutions scare you so bad that it sends you back to the very thing your working to get away from and it doesn’t always mean that it’s the job career it’s self. It could be the very fact that in a human world we lack the compassion for the human’s we serve as well as those we serve with yet we all do our jobs daily under the negative pressure of simply being human.

How do we serve a human population without the humanitarian side? How do we serve with very little regard for ourselves so how can you have it for others? Something that has puzzled me for many years. We never know what the future will hold yet we wake up every day to do the same thing everyday with no thought that our lives could be different if we only believed that it can be. Believe have faith and take the steps towards the wellness of you, your life present and future now I must warn you this is a path many will choose but few will actually stay the course to see exactly what they can manifest in their lives.

It doesn’t mean that one group is better than the other, it simply means that some rather be comfortable than uncomfortable and desire certainty over uncertainty I could be wrong but this is how I see. Many will go to a place of employment that they hate even dispose everyday just to keep a roof over their head and food on the table but will never take the time to look within themselves to rediscover the gifts that are uniquely in them that has the ability to change the whole game of their life. I know because I was one of those people that found it easier to go to work and when things aren’t right and or fair complain or grieve it towards becoming the change that I wanted to see. Until I discovered that I am not powerful to change a system that has been broken for many years and is not ever for the real success of those who serve or those we service. Those glimpses of goals met are few and far and the reality is that we can only do what we do and the responsibility really lies in the individuals serve. I guess it’s easier to blame others for what isn’t going well in our lives but that’s the small person’s way of life.

Taking responsibility for your life includes taking responsibility for every area of your life, finances as well as the up keep and growth of it for our lives that we desire to live. I stumbled across the BMF talks on the series and listened to two of the interviews from to powerful strong women who experience and survived choices that they made as I always say we are all connected by one person and I think that the producer of the series is touching some great points of the life of many communities in the world. How broken structures in a system of a community neighborhoods and society pledged and continues to impact the lives of individuals and families that are brave enough to to go for what’s their’s by any means necessary and the cost that comes with it.  I believe we all will receive and education from the series as this is much apart of the United States as well as other countries making it a national impact.

We can judge but until you are clear as to why people do the things they do and should you judge ask yourself why? As the series just shines more light on the economic growth in America. How disparities and disadvantages take and plays a part in one and the desire to have the income to take care of just not themselves but their families and their communities. Crazy I know but it’s true it’s cool as long as everyone is getting paid and getting what they want out of the scene of the choices and risk that other’s may decide to take. It also show’s how disruptive it can be to our lives and the community as well as our families.

So there’s no secret that economic integration is possible on every level, it’s clearly up to us to choose and survive to tell the story. In life there is good and bad in life and every good time will will come to an end. As the saying goes what goes up must come down, Loyalty isn’t guaranteed and friends and soon become enemies and at any time the quality of your life can change just from one decision we make for our lives.  Watching the interviews gave me anxiety as I listen to the young women’s story and as they continued to share the tanasty it takes to go through such an experience and still come out on top with your life for one and two a second chance to turn your life around is simply amazing and I praise God for all his glory as he truly has plans for these women’s lives their stories are going to impact many young women’s lives that are or possibly considering the life and lifestyle.

Something that we see everyday in our neighborhoods and community it just looks really weird to see it out of your area but it reminds you to always remain humble in the walk of life because you never know what one will do when it comes to making an income to feed themselves and their families. I don’t hate the game I respect it to one extent and despise it in another. Yet it goes on and no matter how many get arrested, and or die because of it. It doesn’t stop the production of it. The players change but the game remains the same. 

Why take the risk, choose wisely and take control of your life by making an honest living? Many do and many have done it however, it too does not come without struggle because some people will never see you as anything else and will always associate you to your past and that why it’s even more the importance to Know Who You Are.   Weather the world likes you or not as long as you like you that’s all that matters. Being able to look yourself in the face and say I did this on my own, changed my life and making a difference while still taking care of your life business and family business.

I believe that we would have less killings if everyone took their emotional wellness as serious as they took their money seriously. Taking the time to do the work on self can be voluntary or involuntary. It’s something that sometimes we don’t see sort of like not being able to see the forest for the trees so to speak. It applies in every area of our lives but it’s not until we can see that it is our own thoughts actions and behaviors that impact our lives no one else as we all have a choice to make daily about our lives and we all take calculated risk to achieve what we want to achieve. But do we weigh out the outcome of the benefits to our life and the cost to our lives as we make these decisions. Everything we do in life requires us to make  a decision and to take action on that decision. But how often do we take the time to think about the impact? We all desire some sort of instant gratification yet many will move away from the delayed gratification process and we pay the cost either way.

My son and his death showed me even more just how valuable life truly is and it doesn’t matter what walk of life your own death comes to us all via health issues, self inflected or by the hands of others sad truths we live with everyday. He was my biggest supporter when it came to me going for my dream life. He would always say, “ Mom, you’re a trail blazer”, as you not only worked to get everything you have and you did a good job. But you have now began the journey of starting a business.  Many aren’t even that far, I remember feel happy because he was proud of me, but I also remember feeling disappointed because I was not further in my business as I would have liked to be.  He always said, “Mom I support you in anything that you want to do, when you figure it out let me know and I there right by your side.” I just find it a little weird that grief lead me here and grief is leading me out God is truly amazing don’t you think.

After his death, I realized just what he meant, “What am I waiting for?” “Why am I putting myself last?”  “Why haven’t I choose me over everything?” And “Why do I report to a job that I love in the sense of work but not work environment that causes more stress and disrespect as I continue to fight for basic rights to eat lunch and have a break during my day.?” So many people work everyday without taking breaks and then management wonders why they can’t find people to do the work? It’s a viscous cycle and just like many of you it because we must have some sort of income until we can replace the income we have. No brained, but any more that reason is becoming less and less acceptable.

So, I decide to just give all my worries in life over to God, even myself through prayer I ask him to help me get out of my own way along my path of growth. Putting my trust and faith in God first and then myself is the reason I go so hard because I decided that no matter how long or hard this journey maybe, I will not give up ever. All I wanted in life was to raise my children and enjoy them raising their children and although my life picture is altered, I realized that I still have so much to grateful for to live for and go for no matter what. Facing my fears and being open to what the universe is going to provide to me through the work and things that I put out into the universe as it all comes back to you. I could possibly be having some sort of breakdown throughout this life cycle and today it’s perfectly alright because I know when I come over to the other side. I will be emotionally, physically spiritually, financially free from all of what held me down over the many years. I give nothing but praise and honor to God because without him I wouldn’t even be writing this article for you to read, now isn’t that just simply amazing. 

There’s a shift happening in all our lives, what we decided in that shift is what’s going to make the difference. Changing your life and learning to get out of your way is so empowering and rejuvenating that you wish you could give it to everyone. But the reality is each individual is going to have to go for it themselves because no matter how much we love one another we can not give something to someone that God has called us to give to ourselves.

It’s your life and only you can live it! Always choose you and pay close attention so that your serious business grow as you do and should you see yourself like me getting in the way, move.



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