How well are you at creating your vision board for your life?

When you go for help through a private and or agency service that helps people with navigating through life challenges most times out of one they will ask you question about your life, the event that brought you to their service provision. Once your sessions begin weather they are once a week, once a month or twice a week, service terms are based upon. Now the thing about self help and supported counseling help is that you will always be the driving force of your treatment and recovery.

This is a known fact and is usually discovered the moment you begin blaming your treatment team for not being help to you. They will point out the sessions as well as the assignments, task, and or things you were given to do and it’s in that point that you have to take a look at all the steps you took during the time of the sessions. You have to understand that you will do a personal assessment as to why the services did or did not work. It requires you to get real with yourself to look at the task you had to complete and be honest with yourself as you are assessing the blame towards others.

Wellness is definitely a choice one makes for their own life and the reason this is because people can be a resource, help and or even a guide but until you take the full responsibility over your actions and behaviors that bring on the things that we don’t want out of life verse the things that you do want out of life. I’m an advocate for therapy talk and psychological however not a big fan of medication yet, I do know the benefits for those who truly need it to help keep them regulated to function normally to stay in their home environment and or surrounding area without hospitalization. This helps to provide the best quality of life people can live should they stay on their course and most do well and have few hospitalizations.

This article is not to point out what is best in treatment, it’s just a point of view on the self help, therapy, psychological perspective. I have also been a client of the talk therapy and psychological services as well as the self help and due to the nature of concerns at those times in my life. Mostly the issues of Grief and Loss that doesn’t change with life as life is basically about life and death and what we do in between the dash period of our lives. The funny thing is that I have been asked to complete vision boards over my life span and as you can see I still don’t feel as if I have the concept just right. (laughing) as it’s hard to see the future and the past is always very clear however, focus for a vision board is for the future that we can’t see but we can imagine what we like it to be. 

I truly believe that there are times when I am in my own way in that regard. I either create a vivid picture of where I have already been or a fuzzy picture of where I want to go so I never feel really confident in the vision board I create. Most of the issue is that I never really think of the future in that way but I know that I have one. Each day I wake I know that I have a plan to do something in that day that is going to make my future self proud that I did not waste one minute of the days prior.  Now what it will look like and all of what will be in it. I suppose I expect God to surprise me as you see the photo to the right is my current on and it has romance, food, and plenty homes to live and vacation so I suppose I am looking forward to traveling to many places to gain new experiences and try new cuisine. But will it happen if I don’t make it happen?

Over ones life span we take many turns in life some we choose and some are dealt to us. How we respond to the things we choose for our life and the response to what is dealt to us in life makes all the difference in how we will actually see our lives. The vision we have for our lives may not necessarily match our real life reality and what do we do in cases such as this? Over our growth span we will view our lives differently through each phase and stage. I shared with you that I believe that help can work if we are brave and courageous enough to really take control of the parts of our lives we can control and that’s in how we choose to spend our time and how we value the time we are spending as well as what we do in that time that will either hold us back or  move us forward.

This will look different for each individual and how they view the part they play in their own life. It was around November 2017 when I realized that my life would continue to be the same if I did not take control of the parts of my life that I could control. Having a good work ethic helps and taking that work ethic and applying it to how you begin to push your life into another direction can be challenging. Challenging only because it will require you to give up things you may have enjoyed and done in the past in order to get what you want out of the future. The decision was not hard for me because I realized that I had done everything that was in my power to ensure that I have some sort of savings in divers ways including retirement, savings, credit union accounts all of which assisted in the building of the new life adventures I decided to take and in the beginning everything appears to be hard. 

Hard mainly due to the art of believing that your capable and that you can actually make some impact in your own life. Preparing to become your own boss, scheduling your own time to work towards the freedom to do as you please doesn’t mean that you will not work. It simply means that you are setting yourself up to work smarter and not harder yet, you will work hard in the beginning based off of the current knowledge you bring with you and the knowledge you will have to obtain during the journey.  Yes, it’s true when you have all that you need to put things in place properly you will experience periods of success over the time but to keep it up over a long period of time is the challenge. Just as life has season’s so does going into business for yourself. The questions you may ask yourself is how clear is the vision I have for my life? What will it have in it and what will I need to maintain and keep it going?  You will put in many hours to learn and implement what your learning doesn’t always mean it will work successfully or may need something to enhance the performance of your business. So you just may find yourself still finding your way navigating through the learning curve process.

The best advice I would give anyone thinking of someone going for their dreams is to allow yourself grace space and time to grow overtime. Be patient with yourself and your growth and development learning curve which can be long or short for me it was long and I am grateful that it is because it provided me a better understanding of what it is that I am to be doing and how to I will go about getting it done. It also allowed time for training and training is the most important component to ones success even more so than having a mentor as you go. As many mentor’s and coaches expect you to come prepared with your vision so they can help you to map out the key important things you will need to get your vision moving and bring it to life.

To be honest you will never feel ready or prepared for your next life adventure your just going to have to take the bull by the horns and ride it. The wonderful thing is that you will get another day to create more and more as well as do more. Even in your periods where you may feel like you can’t you will mustard up the strength to just do it anyway. You may even get lost in yourself and all that surrounds you and yes, even life will happen on life terms and you will let the tears fall as you keep moving. It’s easy to say yet it’s even harder to do because you will have to push yourself during the periods where you feel that life is pulling you backwards and it’s ok as long as you continue to push push push until you get through it. People will tell you that your strong brave and courageous and you will feel like a total hot mess and sometimes look it took but it’s ok you know why because all that is happening to you is actually happening for you. It may sound not right but  it’s true because every time you push through a new layer will come off of the old you revealing the new you and guess what? You  will have to reintroduce yourself to yourself way before others meet the new you and let’s not forget some will only be able to see the old you and that’s ok because you will not be in the same circles any way for them to learn the new you.

The vision you may have for your future may become altered for the rest of your life and guess what? You will have to find a way to live in spite of the life altering change that takes place. You will feel like you have nothing else to continue for until that one little spark comes and shows you that life is a mystery and some are blessed to go through life challenges and overcome them not without scars, lost or feelings of why should I be happy after all that has taken place. It’s ok, you can be happy after life on life terms takes place in your life because it will help you grow into the being your becoming.

The vision boards you see are from the ages of 54 to 1years old and as you see they all have a message of there is still work to be done. The point of the vision board is to help you to begin to think about your life and what kind of life you desire to have for your life and guess what as long as you have breathe in your body believe it will always be a work in progress. A life in progress is definitely a life you will want to live reasons being that you will always have something new to learn and do should you choose. No man is an island and no one reaches their full potential alone as there will always be someone to learn from and help you along the way. The funny thing is many people will help you along the way and won’t even know that they helped you unless you open your mouth and let it be known. To me that is the blessing because in life we are born to be of service not only to ourselves but to others. It’s all in how you view your life and those who you may come in contact with.

The idea to go to work and doing what you love and finding ways to leverage other residual income can be a little tricky in the beginning because you give where more than what you receive over time and one day it all seems to balance out, your giving and your receiving. The question will be did you prepare yourself so that when you do receive your able to handle it mentally, physically and spiritually. What good does it do to win the world and lose your soul? So I encourage you to go for your dreams create your vision boards and take the time to grow and develop yourself so that when your day does arrive you will be fully present to enjoy it and take it for the long haul of life. Remember to be generous with yourself first and then you will be in position to be generous with others in a variety of ways. Sharing your knowledge, your story of what it took for you to get there, and the blessings and wonders you will experience along the way.

Think of all the people you will help along the way of your journey those who are just wanting your every step, those who cheer you on and those who act as if you don’t exist yet still see all of you. You can’t ever be mad at anyone for any stance they decide to take all you can do is pray that they too will open up their hearts and eyes to see who they are being and becoming. Our job is not to change you but to show you that you do have the ability to change anything in your life. No, this doesn’t mean you will have the power to bring back those you loved and lost. It simply means that you will enjoy and appreciate what you have and what your working towards even more.

What are your dreams?

Are you putting them on hold?


Do you want to earn more money?

Do you know how to earn more money and place it in areas where it will grow?

Do you know what to do in order to have more money?

What are some of the steps you have taken so far to earn money?

Is your current income working for you and does it provide you the freedom you desire?

Have you thought about or explored the opportunity of leveraging your income?

Believe it or not many have taken the steps to create leverage income streams and some did it from scratch, savings and with nothing at all. You don’t have to be a scaler to do it. To learn how you can begin to learn while you earn through leverage income sources we at Tammise are here to guide you along the way. Learn from those who have and are doing it. Join the community and attend the events that are changing thousands of peoples lives.

Many of us want to see change in our lives only the few will become the change we want to see in our lives are you one? 

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