In paying homage to the ancestors that have come before us on the 94th, year Anniversary Celebration of Black History Month February 2020.  Wow, we have been through some things, still going through some things, but we are here. For those who walked it like they talked it, to get us here and are still here with us I humbly say, I love you, I appreciate you,  I honor you for all that you have done and sharing your courage stories.  I Thank You. 

Americans have celebrate black history annually since 1926 as "Negro History Week".  We can thank Dr. Carter G. Woodson for the celebration of Black History Month and the early study of black history documentation which took place a little later.  The roots of our history run deep and wide throughout the world Africa-Egypt, Asia-Japan, Caribbean- Cuba, Italy-Europe, Ireland and the United States of America 




The American black history is one filled with blood, sweat, and many tears, however it is also filled with courage and triumph moments in time and life altering events that have brought many of a people together for the cause toward change, equality, and freedom in every area over time. What saddens me is that with all that we have over come, we  have so far to go and no time to waste, so we require busy productive bee's to keep it moving.  One thing is true we are some pretty extraordinary people, to have faced all that we have faced and continue to keep going in all efforts to help Keep the famous speech written long ago by Dr. Martin Luther King, "  I Have A Dream".  This speech has changed many people's lives and continues to presently.  There's no way, one can listen to and or read this speech and not feel compelled in some way to take some steps of action to help make the world we live in a better palace to live for everyone with emphasis on Black Lives Matter.

See, I was born the same year, a little after the great Dr. Martin Luther King's death.  So, most of my childhood was filled with love for the stories, The Civil Rights Movement,     The  Black Panther's and how they serviced and governed their communities. Black Wall Street, and so much more.   During that time Students protest all over the world. I can remember coming home from middle school and watching the television with my grandmother as the reports went across the screen of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. It was a time with energy vibrating on high frequency, and I like to think that God knew exactly what he was doing giving me life at such a time.  He gave me a life filled with promise, purpose, gifts and abilities to make a difference in this world for all people just as he had given those who have come before me.  I have no doubt with God first and foremost in my life, that I can accomplish anything I set out to, put in the work and collaborate with other's, as I don't have to reinvent the wheel I just have to find the wheel doing what I love and enjoy doing and do my part to help keep it moving forward and accomplish the goal.

  Together we achieve more for the greater good of us all.  Black history is filled with community, working together to keep everyone safe protected the best of their ability, healthy and thriving in every area.  This is done through modeling by example, education, each one teach one, if you don't have, we know someone who does have and can share a little with you to get you through while we teach you how to avoid the challenge, be prepared for it if it should arise again.  We work together to teach,rear, protect,nurture and love the children within our families and the community through needed supports.  Those that face some challenges and really need it.  Weather it is done on a personal one on one, community- city,  and or state-federal government agency level it is being done.  With all the good, it just wouldn't be the world we live in without some of the bad, however, for the majority of the community is thriving and doing their part big or small on a personal, Community, City, State, Federal levels they are doing it and boy do they have a fight on their hands right now.  Standing up for what is right will probably never be easy and probably will never come with out a precious cost.  So as we go about this month's anniversary celebration what are you going to stand up for and or do to make the difference as it all begins with you?

 I pledge to continue to serve my community and surrounding area, I will continue to serve as one of many shop steward of  AFSCME  to continue the fight for dignity and respect, safety and equality for the whole continues within the work place.  I will continue to stand up, learn, educate and speak out in my home, job,  community and city, state continue to help my community residence, family, friends, and associates because I know what it is to struggle and still make it through, a way being made out of no way in sight.  It was from my desire for the betterment of others that had me reassess and reevaluate my own moves toward how I can not only better myself but share it with other's.  And as time has gone on God, has allowed me to do just that on small scales of course but little becomes much in the Master's hands my mother would always say. 

   Today, is even more profound being a Woman and a woman of color, as had it not been for those who have come before me, I would not have the honor and pleasure of experiencing and being a part of history right now today.  As much as I would love to hit the mark every time, I know that I will miss it a few along the way. I will never let that stop me.  I am aware that challenges, obstacles and yes even death may come my way as I continue the journey.   The joy inside I feel for being a part of such a people is explainable amazing DNA to have.

After  hearing, reading many books, watching documentaries filled with stories of African American's trials, tribulations, courage and their contributions to the world their communities that were once owned, run and managed by us for us with their own banks mind blowing, the thoughts and actions of work and investments along with the ability to leverage life and freedom. 

    Stories of  Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Claudette Colvin's, Rosa Parks just to name a few of the dynamic women and men that have given so much to our history.  I like the thought that I am made of the same cellular molecules that makes us all that 1 out of 5 million, a cellular molecule that is similar synopsis to the grass, tress, birds, fish, and seeds of the greatest gift called life.  

94 years of life building changing moments of events for a people Anniversary Celebration " Black History Month". 

Our children have 12 years of school, many start their education and teaching at home, day care, pre-school, pre-K, Kindergarten and on to 1st thru 12th and beyond creating life learners.

     So don't rush them to grow as it's a process, it's 12 years and more. Take the time to love, groom,learn them through listening and observation, educate and teach them who they are as well as what they need to know, where they come from, and how brilliant of a people they derive from.  So that they will be ready for the world that awaits them and they may shine as the glorious lights of a people they are despite what winds may blow their way.


# Black Lives Matter

# All Lives Matter

# LIve- Laugh- Love

             Happy 94th Anniversary " Black History Month"  365 and a day.

                Young people are you in position to take the baton and run with it?

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