It's that time of Year again. "New Year New Me"


Happy New Year wishing you blessings filled with prosperity, health, love peace and joy. 

This phrase " New Year New Me", is one that we hear around this time and that's fine but what does it mean and how does one measure the "New Me"?  I'm certain we could chat and chew on this for a bit.  As we were preparing for the "New Year to arrive where we working on the "New Me" during that time, or did the "New Me", begin on the first day of the "New Year"?

A Quote written by Wallace D. Wattles from his book, The Science of Getting Rich;

    " You can advance only by being larger than your present place; and no man is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place."

This insert from his book is profound one could say and rains to be in the some would say the Truth category, makes you want to smile inside out.  As a network marketer it rings all the bells and whistle's or it at least it did toward the end of the year since we have been tracking our work to date.  You begin to see things more clearly and can get back on track not that you where off but it can be so much to be done that you kinda can be in the right area, wrong department, right department in order to advance in the building of your business.  How does one describe the personal growth that one goes through in the transformation hour by hour, day by day, month by month and year by  year, I guess the best way to describe it for now would be from Wallace D. Wattles book,  The Science of Getting Rich:

        "No society could advance if every man was smaller than his place; social evolution is guided by the law of physical and mental evolution."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, however one may like how Mark Yarnell & Rene Reid Yarnell written it in their book,  Your First Year In Network Marketing;

     "Network marketing is one of the most fun and rewarding business in the world but eventually all network marketers are faced with certain widespread and universal challenges.  No matter how long we participate in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and no matter how successful we become, there is always the possibility that we will be shot down temporarily by the most prevalent and dangerous weapon of all- the Rejection Rocket."

I would say that these exerts of written material pretty much found a way to sum up what many call Life.  Weather we are working on personal, professional, private, financial, health & wellness, and or seeking new adventures to explore life will always happen and someone may not share you enthusiasm and or view of life but you can not let that stop you. Even if that someone is you.  Yes, many times we are our worst critics and are the best at talking ourselves out of great things but not any more.  It's as if you must unlearn all that you ever learned and give it all you got to give and as you continue you will stretch you beyond all you could imagine and more.



  As you build you and your business you will develop daily practices that in the beginning may appear challenging and they will be but over time the building and daily practice become one and begins to flow right into the fabric of our lives.  Now by no means does this mean that it will be a perfect flow as life will happen.  As we have work, families, household responsibilities, community obligations, children events, projects, home work, practice and that is just an example.  However, everything must be done in a realistic time yet everything seems to get accomplished even when there maybe a pause or two some how we get right back on track and going.

In the U.S. 11.8% poverty is determined by comparing the total income of the family to poverty thresholds for that family size. The thresholds account for annual changes in the Consumer Price Index which you can view the current poverty thresholds and discussion of poverty and it's measurement under poverty at the U. S. Census Bureau's web sit..

The average family incomes are broken down in groups:

1] Income per person or income for each person at age 15 or older.

2] Income for two or more people in one household related by birth, marriage or adoption.

3] House hold income of all people living in a housing unit, weather related or not.

The poverty threshold as of 2018 for 2 Adults, 2 Children is $25,465; according to income and poverty in the U.S. 2018 report that the median households income was $63,179.

Example scale of Median Net Worth

* May vary based on Race, Nationality, Gender and Age

* The 2018 female to male earnings ratio was 0.816 


The report from the current population survey annual social & economic supplement on children under the age of 18:

Ages: 0-5 - Mother only 29.2%, Father only 26.3%

Ages:6-11 - Mother only 30.7%, Father only 30.7%

Ages: 12-17 Mother only 35.6%, Father only 43.1%

The Census Bureau provides poverty data from several household's and programs. Educate yourself on poverty estimates, as well as get guidance on how to choose the right estimate for your needs.

Please Note:

*The Census Bureau will be coming soon so please stand up and be counted as it can affect your community and the services and programs funded for your schools & community.

*It is safe and easy to do when you get your Census Bureau sheet fill it out and return it and don't forget to get out and vote for the elections as your participation and vote matters.

By now you are probably thinking this is way off track but it really isn't not much any way.  Now that we are in the "New Year" it's time to measure up the "Old Me" verse the "New Me".  Did you know that on average each house hold of 189 million Americans have an estimated credit debt at $8,398?  Many of us fall in this number and are listed on the median income scale above positive and negative.  Which can definitely affect the "New Me" if you are unaware of what is in your financial report card.  If one is looking to make a big purchase such as a home or car.  A big factor that can affect your financial report is on time payments verse late payment history and more.

Many times we have no knowledge of what is on our financial report and or weather what is on our financial report is correct and up to date current and true.  Or our wages doesn't leave to much room to take care of old open accounts such as student loans, bankruptcy and more. 

If getting financial fit for the "New Year New Me" is on your list have you started?  Do you know who you can go to for help?  Is it cost effective for my budget?

Well, today is your day. look no more.  If you are serious about getting the "New Me" financially fit this 2020 then our credit restoration tool will help you dispute any erroneous, obsolete and inaccurate negative items on your credit report.  As well as Identity monitoring this tool monitors and resolve threats your identity including pre-existing identity theft.  The system tracks and monitors,  credit score, accounts out standing debt, you can create a financial plan, budgeting, savings, debt free day, last living will & trust, health care power of attorney for your beneficiaries futures.  If you are having trouble with debt harassment and other financial issues learn more about what a credit attorney can do to help click the link



 No, money isn't everything but, it is the currency in which we use to live and trade for shelter, goods, services and or products and can improve our life and our families life.  Weather our "New Year New Me" is in a variety of areas in our lives and each area deserves the time and efforts it will take to get the results and or get us to the place in which we wish to be and our actions will get us there as long as we stay dedicated and committed to what we set out to obtain for our New Year New Me as we free ourselves from limits through strategic steps toward the success of our best life for not only ourselves but our family. 

If you are interested in becoming a referral agent click this link to learn more hear from Mr. Carnell Newsome, Vice President in the company, he is very knowledgeable, this will provide all you need to know and if you wish to get started today this link will be the first day of your new life and road to prosperity and abundance if your willing to do the work and dedicate the time to make it manifest in your life

Join our team and or become a customer, sign up and receive a welcome text /e-mail with instructions to get you off on your way links that will get you started.

Please note:

*Outcomes may vary and are based off your credit items history, participation,performance and study action steps.

Your success in our team, is our only business as we lead to succeed. This is not a contract and you may end it at any time in the process, however we hope your as happy as all our customers and referral agents and stay.

For credit restoration please allow 6-12 months to see positive results pending on your credit restoration issues and or budgeting plan for your debt free day.

So weather you began preparing for the New Year New Me prior too or on the first day of the year or if your starting today.  The most important part step is that you start, don't worry about the how it will come together. New Year New job, career, relationship, home, car, business, family, lifestyle change it all starts with you. 

"If you can believe you can achieve!"  

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