Keeping It Organized and Moving Forward

In life and in business organization helps to direct our steps. Can you believe that we are 7 months into 2022! As amazing as it has been what the next  5 months is going to be even more extraordinary as we all are growing learning and healing in this amazing life journey. Look how much you have grown over the time and your not through, stop for a moment and just be, thank the good Lord for your life in this moment. As you take in this deep breathe, inhale, think of how you made it in spite of what you though was going to be the end of you yet, your still here brave and courageous as ever. Exhale, take another deep breathe, inhale, your learning how to shift your paradigm, although you experienced life on life terms while believing that you are worth everything you go through as your on your journey to becoming the person you want to be. Exhale, Only you know all that you had to overcome to be where you are in this moment. As your finding peace with the uncomfortably in the process of the journey that no longer allows growth in your comfort zone. Every moment you awake is more uncomfortable than the last yet it continues to pull you forward as you have developed a rhythm of flow in your walk of life. In life and in nature everything has a rhythm and rhyme, season and reason that develop our lives like a wonderful symphony summer breeze jazz band and your the conductor. 


Your on the go discovering new things about yourself and the world we live in and you understand that you started backwards, missed some steps yet you managed to keep going. Many days you feel as if your starting over and you are as it is a beautiful brand new day, one you never lived before so that's pretty exciting in itself and you get to do this knowing all of what you have learned practiced tested and have proven to be true. Mind blowing you might think, sometimes even magical but no it's mind shifting faith. Believing that your current circumstances are not your destination. Even though you may not have all the pieces to go together or compatible with you life devices you know that they are there for you when your ready to apply them in your life building devices tools for the new home your creating for yourself that others will see and inquire just how did you get that life glow. 

Give yourself a huge pat on the back for not allowing current circumstances and situations to hold you back from go for your true life of abundance peace joy and happiness. You took steps even though you had no idea of just how you would make it all work. Yet, it's nothing you haven't done before except that instead of it helping you it just left you with more to cover because things don't always come back the way it goes out. On the Tammise Podcast we talk about start planning your retirement from the book, The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+ By Suze Orman this book is helping many Americans like myself and others to get their business in order in hopes we are blessed to live out this life journey to age 95 and beyond.

As we are planning our work years and retirement we know that our mindset is going to be the major key factor in how we endure the process. As we spend most of our year working and depending your status at the time you begin is just a factor variable to note: age, Individual, Married, Partnership, Parents Single Mother/Father.

 Work years for most are 14 to 70 and the earlier we start planning our lives the greater our lives can and will become in the perspectives of success.  Planning for our older years seems a bit foreign if it never was a thought or spoken about around you. For those that have been in the work force for some time should either have started or are beginning to look at their work life plan with the end in mind. Planning for your future needs the ability to think critically to come up with the numbers needed for your latter years.  Will you be a renter or an owner, what will be your expenses and how many reliable income sources will you have to draw from during those non-working years. 

Now we all know that nothing from nothing leaves nothing and from the census poverty report it stated that poverty has an income threshold which means that people have something of an income so it leaves it to how we manage invest spend and the beliefs and emotions we have around our finances that gives us the 5% to 1% of us that actually understand how to not just grow in life but also grow wealth enough to last your life time and beyond. If we continue to look at the current circumstances before us it will be a challenge but, if you can take a peek at what's around over under or through the current circumstances and see what is ahead you'd get busy quick getting it together the best of your ability.

There are various reason's one can say why they are not living the life they really want to live. But none compares to no excuses determined to make it attitude, it doesn't make life easier it just simply makes life better every day that you live. The moment you realize that all you can do is your best in planning anything and getting it done no matter what. That's the moment your whole life begins to change and the process becomes fun exciting and terrifying at the same time. You like to learn more about financial intelligence and more join our private Facebook group community


 When we are young we grow rapidly practically over night we get taller, stronger and become more capable of doing as we become more aware of our self and our environment. Our child thinking will not carry us through our adult years so there fore we must put away the childish ways and develop and adapt to the adult way of life we want to live. Starting out can be a bit scary, don't let it stop you from creating the life of your dreams. Having all the pieces needed to help you get through the process journey of the roller coaster ride of life. You don't have to have it all figured out when you begin because it will work itself out as you take the right action steps to ensure a successful financial future that will provide for your present and future life and lifestyle.

Are you just starting out working and building your life?

Have you lived your life and made some mistakes along the way that created financial hardship for you and your not sure how to get out?

Are you ok and just seeking to establish yourself better to ensure all will be well by age 95 or beyond?

Don't worry you're not alone there are many just like you working towards building the best life they can build in their life time. Many have taken the same path and become very successful over time and now share the secrets of success within our private groups, events and conferences.  

 Winning in life and business takes grit determination and a mindset that only sees solutions to all problems and has the common sense to know when to allow the process to be the process as it all comes together for our good. Self accountability, group accountability and team accountability with applying the lessons learned along the way provides the strength courage and stamina to become even more creative in your life direction and planning for your future. The world is yours when you wake up and what you do in the hours given in each day will make all the difference along the way that is going to make the difference.

What do you what to win in life at today?

Do you have a plan on how to get there?

Do you have the resources to get you what you need? 

We thank you for staying with us and being apart of our growing family. Each one teach one and when one makes the definite decisions that they want to become better we will be right here to guide you along the way. Subscribe to our Tia Rodgers Life Growth Specialist Channel join in the conversation share your life experiences hopes dreams aspirations, share it with your friends. Our mission is to help individuals with a hand up not just a hand out to help them get through life on life terms. 










































































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