Mother’s Day Celebrations 365, What’s Your Best Investment For You?

Celebrating Mother’s 365 as we are Mothers’ even in our death.. Sounds unbelievable but it’s true. How many times do we call and or wish our Mother’s that are no longer with us to send us a sign or show us the way to go when we are reviewing our lives? We do our best to ensure everyone is cared and taken care of but how exactly are we taking care of ourselves to ensure that we are not given it all to those beautiful children we are raising?

You work your career, job, trade, your hopefully able to save for your retirement year’s or at least starting to prepare for the day’s you don’t plan on working on someone else’s schedule as your finding your own way in life and creating the lifestyle you want to live..

Depending where your starting on this journey it maybe your first go at it or your second or third. However, many times as mother’s we fail to prepare for ourselves so busy looking out for others. It’s okay because here at Tammise we hope we are keep you in the forefront of your minds as we are Growing learning healing because we all are doing it! 

The greatest challenge of many parents is having enough to not just pay the bills but to provide a live filled with wonderful memories and experiences that help shape our children’s lives as they are growing. However, we must take a look to see just how much we are growing to promote and be the example of growth to our offspring right? As time’s change so do we…

Change isn’t always easy nor is it the thing everyone rushes to sign up for but when you do it’s contagious because other’s will see your growth and become courteous as to what it is that you are doing that is causing that glow..

Well let me share with you some of my journey and how I changed my whole entire life and lifestyle through Financial Education and learning just what the principles are to building wealth. See I knew I was rich from a young child like most of us however, I could never manage to keep it continually circulating. Yes, the cash flow does flow you know pay check to pay check but it doesn’t quite stretch like you want an or need it too. So getting all the financial education you can stand will not only help you get on track with budgeting for the big projects but also have you saving towards your dream life goals and more.

Pssst…can I share a little something with you? Are you looking to purchase a home but don’t really understand the market and how it works? Well I want to invite you to join a dynamic team that can help educate you on all you will need to know about Real Estate Investing. As a mother we want to provide the best for our families and what greater gift for the family, learning the tools and skills of investing in real estate and how you can set your family up for continued growth prosperity and success.

Now isn’t that just the perfect gift one that will just keep on giving and expanding your life and lifestyle.

It’s worth a peak at least:

Monday, May 15, 2023
08:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

Event Description


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