Ownership Requires Commitment Focus and Dedication

In life we are responsible for our lives as well as the success of our lives. In life it’s more about who you think your not that makes the difference in our pursuit of life success.  We are capable of whatever we want to achieve in life through our efforts to get there and believe it or not many of us surrender before we ever truly see just how resilient we are at getting through life challenges and obstacles.  The pressure one feels during the process of life changing events can be overwhelming especially if you find problem solving a chore. Problem solving does take time and it may require some help depending on the situation and circumstances yet every problem has a solution if you seek it.

 You know the saying walk a mile in my shoes.  Many parents especially mom’s know what it’s like to have your little one walking around in their shoes pretending to be a grown up. Such beautiful memories of parenting and child rearing which makes this time of year special for many who are and have played the part of being a parent.  To be honest our parents are our first example of the power of success in our lives. What child doesn’t want to grow up and be like their parent? Well, there maybe a few for various reasons so don’t get offend by the statement if that was not you as a child.  Our mother’s / parents are our first experience of taking ownership and being focus and dedicated to whatever it is that they choose to go after in life. Mother’s rally have the option of giving in or giving up because they are Mom.

My parents are the reason you’re able to read this blog article as mom is the reason I have a life to live. It was her resilience through life adversity that prepared me for life on my own. Knowingly and unknowingly, we pickup characteristics and behaviors from our parents and the strength she had as well as the love she showed everyone that crossed her path and the reason I can do it with ease.  When we lost her it was hard but the time spent prior to her transition was absolutely a blessing from God.  The lost of a loved one is never easy and it takes a long time to get over or accept that they are with you in spirit not physically no longer. It took approximately 7 years for me there are those moments when the sense of her is intense yet the love of her will never die.

Tammise steps of growth is rooted in each individual growing into their powers from within through the levels of ones ability to speak their Truthfulness about their life journey aspirations, dreams, desires, wishes, going for the life one rightfully deserves a healthy abundant vital life and lifestyle. 

Through the action activation process of ones mind power to make a decision and take the steps to act upon it. Being open to new ways of thinking understanding that it requires movement that will bring about change in the motivation it takes to allow the maturation process to unfold from within you. Learning who you are what you stand for and the integrity it takes to be you. Committing to your healing in all sincerity while being patient with yourself and the universe as the evolution of your life journey transforms in you and all around you bringing self awareness of the life you live.

Are you aware that when you work on self that nature will provide all of what you seek? It's moving beyond all limitations has nothing to do with your present circumstances or situation. It has every thing to do with what you believe to be true for your life and the courage to go for it!

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" Change is inevitable, but growth is a choice." - Bob Proctor

 Have you found the greatness in you?

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