Parents You Are The key

Here's to the Mom's club! A club that supports one another through all trails and tribulations on the strength of bringing up healthy happy children. Lord knows it isn't always easy but it's definitely worth it all. The mother's that join forces to ensure the children are safe and taken care of when every one mother has to work, school, need some me time, a romantic get away or just getting together to prepare a meal and have a massive play date affair.  Yes, having one another's back through it all, confidant, counselor and sometimes adviser through this party we call life.

Our children grow up together and create their own mom's club to ensue the legacy lives on. Keeping connections going for life times. What a great club to belong to, as each one works and moves towards their goals and dream life we could not have made it without such close bonds. No judgement zone, disagreements come up but they soon disappear because we know that we are much more stronger together.

 Celebrating Mother's 365 days of the year. She cares for her family and serves many world wide with ease never missing a beat. Some would consider mother's as superhero's and pretty much she is. You know the saying, " One mother can raise many children yet many children find it hard to serve one mother".  If your mother is still alive and with you make  sure to let her know that she is the best and close to your heart through your actions of love towards her. Should you mother have gained her angel wings make sure to do something that honor's her living in such a way it will feel as if she never left. 

It was a challenge this year to keep our promise to honor our mother yet, God made a way to keep her legacy going and for that we are blessed and very grateful to continue on forward holding her in honor because of the woman she was and the woman and men she left behind. On this day we honor all Mother's and Fathers that have given their lives in dedication of service. The real unsung hero's we love you and miss you much. Just know that we will continue to honor you because without you there would be no us.

As we say goodbye to May and welcome June what better way to say, "I love you" then to live a life that they would deem honorable in their eyes. Gone but never forgotten always in our hearts.


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