We All Have A Brain Story

Don't you just love the universe? 

Just to think that we come from some of the elements of the universe which are Hydrogen-Helium- Oxygen- Carbon-Neon-Nitrogen- and Magnesium-Silicon just to name a few. The universe provides all that we have and need and  yet some how we forget that they are vital to our being. 

In the previous blog post, I talked about Letting It All Go! Which I discussed the components where in the areas of ones Health & Wellness, Finance's, and Relationship. And When we speak about relationships they fall into categories which are: Spiritual-Family-Romantic-Colleges/Co-workers- and your Community.  Most of how we perceive life in our mind in  these areas can determine how we create and produce a life we most times can only imagine and or do what needs to be done to  make it so.

After taking a good look at all the areas and being honest and real with one self can you begin to make life alteration. For me having a spiritual base is very important and has proven time after time to work for me in getting through some of life's ever lasting changes that helped me be here today. My Father would say, " If a person can believe in Jesus Christ, Allah, whomever or whatever as long as they are creating a better version of themselves roll with it." I have found that even faith takes steps and practice to see results.

After closely looking at the categories and taking the steps I needed to do, in order for me to move forward. I realized that  every step I have made so far has been the right choice for me in improving in the categories to move forward. Start a new way of life in every aspect. It doesn't mean I don't struggle with life from time to time it just means that I am getting better at handling things that may come.

Along this journey I have joined a few communities/groups and I must say most are really good groups of people to not see them in person. I took a course with MyECom Club and it helped me to grasp somethings that I was missing and also helped me to develop a plan of action through discussions with my coach as far as the steps to move forward. After writing my review I received a few inquiries. That I like to share with you.

KY wrote: I saw your review and for whatever reason I choose your feedback to read, then went to your store and profile. I was just getting started with this new adventure, was extremely excited, then got to step 6, where they ask for couple of thousand dollars before moving forward.

I've been scammed so many times, I really am trying to be smarter then just handing over the money. Plus I am a single mom and honestly do not have the funds and would have to apply for a high interest rate loan to get the funds which is so scary!

Then I saw your travel business message and that's when  I knew why God had me to choose your feedback out of all the others. So when you have some time and if you don't mind. I would like your honest opinion on both. 

L,A wrote: Hello I'm also with Ecom I was just wondering if it's worth buying a package and if your making sales?

A,NY wrote:Hi, I just started my ecom club yesterday, I do have some doubt but I was wondering if you could clear them for me. Everyone always says that these things are scams and they won't work, or that you can not get your money back. I would just like to know how it was for you when you started since you seem like a successful person from this I thought it would be more accurate to ask you.

I want to state that in no way do I work for MyEcom Club, I am there for the same reason's many of you are. However, one must keep in mind that it is a business and they offer you the tool's and or know how to help us get started in this journey.  Each one of our journey's will be different based off of how we choose to go about getting our business up and running you can pay for their service if you have the cash and would like to save some time on creating a store or two but it will still require you to do the work involved to run and learn your business in efforts of success. As I have stated in my review I choose to build my business myself and they let me know that I was right on track.

 I have responded to each individual that has reached out to me and shared my experience of my journey some more detailed then others but the same information. I would not recommend that anyone start out as I have with very low to no money but it would be the individual's decision to do so.As there are other items needed to have a legal business in your states and counties. As each has different requirements.

All I can say is that since I have started this journey. I am doing what needs to be done to make it work. I am pleased to say that it's working the process is working. I am enjoy my new adventures and I hope that those who have reached out to me are enjoying theirs also.

It can be scary starting your own business but I  am learning to allow the process to be the process even in my fears. Do I get frustrated and discouraged at times? Yes, I believe that's what makes us all human. No one can guarantee your success as it is based off of how you utilize the information given and what you do to make it work. That will make all the difference in the outcome in any business. 

That's why it's very important to continue to grow your mind and keep ones mindset in a positive motivate place because fear and doubt are there to either dime your light or make it brighter.It all depends on the steps you take to get through those false feelings and thoughts.

I know it's something we hear in this platform/communities a lot because it is true. As life is going to happen and it takes dedication and commitment to stick with it even when you may not feel like it. When the process is slow but going on.  It's also okay to stop and take a break once in a while as you will need it from all the information you will learn. And if you get caught up in the glitter like I have shared, take a step back and take time to get clear on which direction your going to go first and foremost.

Self-care & getting a handle on your money is important and so are the relationships that you surround yourself with in this journey. You have to always remember that everyone is not going to understand or care about your vision as God only gave it to you and you are the one to make it come to life.

Then go right back at it with a clear plan mapped out on how you are going to achieve whatever your goal is to achieve and or surpass. If your plan isn't clear go at it until it does become clear. The platform and it's advisers will provide you with a blueprints as to the steps in how they made it to where they are and you just have to follow the instructions they provide and practice them as you go. 

What is the parable: Give a man/woman a fish and he/she will eat for a day.

                                  Teach them how to fish and they will eat forever. 


Some times we have to put on our rose lens glasses and change some of our mindset, behaviors & habits to move in the direction of making life better. Now this is the perfect example of people's brain stories. We are all different and unique and our business will reflect that as we continue.

Are you thinking of or are you just starting a new business how did these inquires resonate with you and can you relate to what it may feel like?

What steps are you taking and how do you feel about taking those steps?

I am grateful to those who have seen something I may have done and reach out. It's a reminder that it's so not about me and that serving other's provides gifts to let us know that we are not alone and we can help one another. Even if it's just sharing your experience where ever you are at.

Change is never gonna be easy but it sure is always worth it!





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