What's so priceless about Life Wealth?

There are things that should have stopped you, still you are standing, blessed, joyful and victorious.  From every opposition and adversity of life that you have faced, overcome.  As you look over all the times, moments, circumstances and situations have you stopped to ever ask yourself what is my purpose, do I have value and can and will I be able to help myself and others in order to make a difference?

As you walk this journey what can stop you? On this journey you will hear stories of  successors within the Network Marketing Industry.  Suggestions of good reads if your considering or have just  started are:

Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell, Rene Reid Yarnell,

Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk,

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki,

The Science of Getting Rich by W. D. Wattles

these books and many others will provide you with the frame work for the much needed mindset to remain on your journey to see things unfold as you create them.

Faith and courage are a very large part of this journey along with self care and meditations which allows one to get into alignment with their desired thoughts on creating a wealthy life. 

W. D. Wattles wrote:

"You must want real life not mere pleasure or sensual gratification. Life is the performance of function and the individual really lives only when he performs every function physical mental and spiritual of which is capable, without excess in any."  

Mark & Rene Reidan Yarnell wrote:

"Ours is an industry that has acquired a reputation for producing millionaires. As a result people feel they've somehow failed if they aren't earning $100,000 a month during their fist year.  Even worse than this false expectation of premature wealth is the notion promulgated by a number of misguided distributors that success in MLM requires no significant effort and no major time investment.  The truth is this is a work industry. Those of us who have achieved high incomes have applied ourselves diligently to succeed and we have stayed with it for a number of years." 


As the New Year begins and we are creating a Life we desire. The desire that lies within our mind and our actions towards the desire; along with belief creates the life we choose to live and how we choose to live it.  It does not mean that we will not experience fear but it means that we will continue forward in spite of the fear we may face. We must be intentional and conscious in our thoughts and actions as they will play a big part in what we will create.

Although, everyone in the industry comes with their own desire of outcome and means in which to get them. We share a common desire and that is to help others in their journey toward the betterment of their Life through opportunities,products and/or services within the industry.  However, each one that enters the exclusive industry must have their own sense of responsibility in creating the outcome in their efforts of efficient, effective, consistent actions toward meeting their desired outcome while holding sight to your vision.

Your vision must be clear and set upon your memory with a strong belief that you will achieve it. You can start just as you are but as time goes on you will change over time as you take the steps to begin the efforts in becoming the change you wish to see in your life and others will see also however, the thing is to not give up and to do what needs to be done no matter how mundane, boring or repetitive the task may seem.  When you feel down reach up and when you feel up be sure to reach down to pull up another.  If you are blessed to feel down, go up and pull someone up with you now that's a magic power.

Look upon the beautiful things of life and remember that increase is on it's way. One must caution to not get focus on which things that do not matter as their is a higher being that will take care of all that seek power in the sense of being over other's as a ruler and hording what is meant for all and keep it for self. Yet consider power knowledge as a tool to share and help other's to obtain the same for themselves. As there are no greater gift of life than Joy, Peace, Harmony and Happiness for all.

In this industry the only competition you will face will be the competition of being better than you were the day before as the journey continues. You must speak Life into your vision for as a man or woman think so they shall be. Do not be discouraged by failure as failure is a win only when you continue. Keep your faith, gratitude,moral, values and willingness to create your vision. Avoid all that will distract you from your vision, do not read what is not within in your vision path and avoid arguments that are against your idea.

"There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought it is the hardest work in the world. This is especially true when truth is contrary to appearances."-W.D. Wattles

As a result of Network Marketing individuals who want to become independent agents, contractors,  best selling authors, speakers,  human to human sharing to facilitate a world of  human connection through creating opportunities for those dedicated and committed to creating wealth for themselves and their families.

I am so excited to share new up coming companies with you, and feel such an urgency to get you information while still on the ground floor as it is growing daily and I don't want you to miss out on such a life changing experience. 

If I told you that you can start today and it will not interfere with anything that you have going on presently would you do it?

So, I ask you what are you doing now?

Where will you be tomorrow or next week even?

Where do you see your self in five (5) years?

Where do you see yourself in ten (10) years?

I am seeking to build  teams of  home based business owner's that can design their business to work with their own or their families needs and lifestyle. Not the other way around. You are in control. You are your own boss. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. You will receive training and more.....

Who Do You Know? 

 Question: What's so priceless about Life Wealth?

Answer:  Peace-Joy-Happiness-Love, can not be brought as it is an inside Job. Priceless


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