When You Find Peace In Knowing All Will Be Alright!

Each day we live is one we never lived before and what we do with and in that day is what will make all the difference in the days that will follow if blessed to see them. As we are in this world but not of this world and our soul journey is to touch someone's life and possibly leave them better than when we found them.  As the true connection of the journey are the people to people connection and how we are able to leave one another with wholeness and hopes of a greater day and tomorrow.

Although, many times the world is not that way, and we know that hurt people, hurt people. Basically, the world could benefit from therapy however, are they all open and willing to go for it?  Probably not as many cultures are just really opening up and seeing what the effects of mental health can do to an individual as well as the family.  It's even harder when we don't know what to look for and or pay attention to and some times if it's something that has always existed yet never treated properly can easily be past off as, " Oh they always been like that," and go ignored for long periods of time until something traumatic happens. 

Our environment can play a big part as well as occupations, social, political issues and ills,  can also play a part in an individual's mental health.  Weather it is chemically induced, environmental, stress and or traumatic experience's that can be the onset.  Many case are documented and treated and then their is the percentage that goes undetected and untreated as well that is not counted in the numbers.

The best case studies have a beginning, middle and end and usually is study for a long period of time to get a true analysis weather it's mental health, maternal health, geriatric pediatric health, adolescent health and general health we all may suffer from something no one is exempt yet we are thriving and surviving at whatever functioning level we maybe we are functioning.  As we are born with all we need to provide and sustain us yet we fail at times to care for our selves in a way that will benefit us more than harm us but what can we say we like what we like and we all have choices and the free will to make them.

Our beliefs helps us to navigate through this thing called life as we are either all in or all out, no in between so to speak.  As the world turns there will be times it will appear as if it's at a tilt and things are sliding away but don't let that stop you from living and holding on to all that life has to offer.  There will be rainy days, snow storms, blizzards if you can name it it will more than likely happen, however, it's how our lens percipience's view that will determine how we may choose to navigate through, over, under or around whatever may come our way.  Yes, most times it is easier said then done but with daily practice, affirmations and some music it comes together like your favorite dish that you love.

We all wonder how the world would be if we all had just an ounce of care for ourselves and others, most of us from experience one can say that we have had the pleasure of meeting some cool people over all,  wouldn't you agree? Now just as life has it's ups and downs so do we as people as we travel the road of life. When you think about it we all have our own business to handle and a life to live all at the same time. Business can be  personal ,family, individual, social services, health care, child care, sole proprietor, corporation, partnership, trust/estate, limited liability company and world care  just to name a few business modes in the journey of life. 

Now faith and getting along showing dignity and respect for and toward one another has shown that although it has it's process, that it can be achieved but that's not the end all be all as each individual has there own level of functionality and ability to understand and or adapt to the new and some rock and roll wit it yet we begin to bring it all together for the greater good of the whole. 


We all have experience of  being dedicated to our careers and or jobs, most times we pick up where our careers, jobs, fall short using our own resources to get the job done with the whatever it takes mentality to complete the job and or services.  Yet, we tell ourselves we don't have time to start something that will create extra income with all your talents and skills showing but we hold ourselves back saying when I get some time, I work to much for that, with everything that I have on my plate I don't know how I would fit that in, just a few however, we continue to go are merely way gentle down the stream. 

Many times we talk ourselves out of good opportunities that can impact our lives in good positive ways. We either get discouraged by thinking we can't afford to start anything or we get discouraged along the way as we go and quite and then tell our story about how we ran our own business and know just how much it takes to keep it going but we have no business to show the proof or we choose an opportunity that requires minimal energy and effort to complete. But does that leave us satisfied and or makes us feel complete? Does it manifest the outcome desired that we originally started out persuading?  One can only ask as it will be defined differently just as the individuals that attempted and or never really pushed themselves to see the outcome.

Well, life has a funny way of working it self out. Many of us started out with little and adapted to doing our best with what we have and what we didn't have we just let it go because as the saying goes," You can not miss what you never had."  Yet, we continue to live our best lives at whatever level we are but what do you do when that something on the inside of you continues to pull you to do more, be more and create more?  Do we ignore it?  Do we act on it? Or Do we just keep living in the way that we are use to because we are to afraid to step out of our comfort zones?

The answer will be different for everyone as no two people have ever been the same nor will they ever be. Over time we learn that to have the things we want we have to either obtain the degrees, take the risk that can possibly leave us struggling and almost destitute, or  continue to try and try again until something works out in our favor. 

The greatest gift of life is that everyday we wake is another day to go for all that life has to offer. It doesn't mean that it will be without challenges, hardships, financial highs and low's, mistakes, happy , sad moments in time. It simple means that we have an opportunity to be alive and make that day of life count for more then just living but really living as we only get one so why not rock out with all that you have before you?

Yes, the struggle is real and yes, the highs and lows of life can take it's tole on us however, only the strong will survive. Being strong has very little to do with strength per say but more about how we handle and endure during the challenging changing times in our lives. Strength is having the ability to love even when other's may not show or give love back, being able to still provided and give the upmost honor and respect to other no matter what the situation and or circumstances. Strength is the ability to never give up even when it feels like you are drowning and covering no ground yet, believing that you will as long as you never give up and keep going. Strength is far from perfect nor is it vanity because being strong in your ugliest times of your life is where your true beauty for life begins to show and is seen by everyone we meet even when we can't see it in ourselves.

It's important to always remember that no matter where we maybe in our life's journey we always have room to grow and experience all that life has to offer. Remember that moment you open your eye's is the first bonus of your day and every moment after that is just more plus points to bringing forth the peace, love, joy, abundance and happiness we seek in our lives.  The whole world is a stage and we will always be the stars and the major scene of our lives is lived out daily every time we are given the gift of life and breath in our bodies. From the moment we are born our path has been laid before us and if your path has pot holes, flat tires, traffic jams and crashes it's proof that you're alive and well. As life would be pretty boring if everything we desired was just right in front of us, but in a way it is however, the fun in the journey is discovering where our desires are and committed we are to actually obtaining them.

We must allow ourselves to be stretched beyond what we see in life as it offers many wonderful options and who doesn't like having options? There are so many options in life that sometimes we can choose a little more than what we originally signed up for however, good or bad all can be achieved, reorganized, omitted and refurbished at anytime. It's all in our perspective of the our life and how we view it. So, just know that no matter what you maybe facing and or going through getting to your desired achievement in life. Know that soon you will find peace and all knowing that all will be alright, as it's not so much about what we can achieve but how well we can touch someone else in a positive way that leaves them feeling as if they are capable of doing anything that they set their mind too and are willing to go through whatever it takes to get it without malice and ill intent because we want to leave other feeling that  they too are one of the most precious beings and the greatest gift the world has ever received and they have the one thing no one else has. 

Can you guess what that is?


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