When You Know The Weight of Carrying Your Own Water

Life and Life experiences has taught me what it truly is to carry the weight of my own water. Every lesson in life has it's highs and it's low's and during them all one learns the meaning of carrying your own water. I learned this valuable lesson when I was younger and throughout my life and it has been a bitter sweet lesson. One that I am very proud to say well worth every lesson.

See some times in life you may not always get what you want or go after but the things that you obtain and receive can be even more rewarding. I choose this journey of becoming my own boss with little to no knowledge of even what it would consist of and or look like. However, as time is going on I am grateful for every step and I am learning more and more of the importance of taking care of self first and then other's. This lesson was very difficult to learn as it was my nature to be a caregiver and look after other's.

Today, I learn the balance of career, business, and life.

Oh what a feeling when your dancing on the ceiling!!

Our beautiful African Figurine's tell a story without words. 

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