When Your Situation Isn’t Unique, Yet It’s Unique To Your Experience

God’s miracle’s are blessings hidden in many life challenges. As parents we point these miracles out to our children to help them understand life and how they should live it. We teach them to be kind respectful and to stay true to themselves along the journey and some even display this in their lives that they live.  No child is perfect nor should you want them to be because they would miss out on the spirit human experience. As a parent we think we are preparing our children to live without us yet, today we couldn’t be far from the truth as it doesn’t seem natural to lose your child first. However, many parents have had to face this horrific truth of losing a child. It’s an experience that makes you think are our children teaching us to live without them?

When a parent loses a child they feel the horrific pain no parent ever wants to feel and God’s grace is so amazing others share your grief and lose all while thinking and planning ways to keep the serving children safe as well as help them to adjust to the lost of a sibling, friend, partner.  It’s something no one can describe to you how to feel, say and or act. Some how you find peace in knowing that you raised your children and you do your best to love them and care for them way into their adulthood should they be blessed to live that long. A life is a gift from God yet, many make conscious  decisions to load up fire arms, take them out and destroy not just the life they target but so many lives that are connected to that one life. It makes you wonder how many of us value life? Your life and the life of others how do we value life in the world?

The word’s I’m sorry just don’t seem to cut it in times like these. Many go unsolved for many years and that in itself can be stressful for all parties involved legal and family. Do we know why people decide to take other’s lives? We can speculate as to the many reason’s people do what they do but nothing gives any individual the right to take another’s life. Today more and more death is a common theme one we almost appear to become immune to and that’s so abnormal to become immune to violence of any sort. In times like these many times we will question God as to why he would allow such a thing to happen to our loved one. We curse God and people. We lose the compassion simple because no one showed the compassion to our loved one prior to them having their life taken from them. Color isn’t a factor in this particular subject because we all have or will experience the death of a loved one. We just hope it be due to natural causes and not at the hand of someone that makes poor decisions to do such a thing. Leaving a child without a parent, a spouse without a spouse and or partner, families without a loved one the pain is greatly felt for many years to come and the journey back takes time. 

Because we all are connected to one another we are always there for one another in our life journey.  God continues to show up in these times showing us just how powerful he truly is. Giving us the strength to take a stand and say enough is enough and we refuse to take it any longer. There are organizations that can help you and your family through times such as these.  There is a trauma healing group located in New Jersey that helps families in times like this and you can reach out to them at info@savinggracenj.org  or you can contact them at 866-280-2402 donations and any support you can provide them to continue to help the New Jersey families that face these tragic life experiences and help them to get through it as time goes on. There is also the group called Mother’s Against Violence you can contact them at mavhm21@gmail.com to learn more about how they help families that have lose children due to bullying and other acts of violence. 

The village does exist and maybe it’s only seen by those who seek the help they need in order to not just survive the lose but thrive through the process of the lost. In the beginning one could say that as a parent your just in shock of it all but as the days go bye and reality sets in as a parent you long for your child to walk through that door, call your phone  and say I love you just one more time. 




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