I have answered this question several different ways over my life time. I often describe the different positions I have held over my life time and found I was describing what I do, not who I am, as a human being of the female species. Which is special and unique in every way imaginable thanks to the one whom created all things.

I have to say that I am one of a million and counting beautiful, intelligent, women, of red,dark brown, light  gold hue of dark chocolate. With the life experience of being a Mother, Oldest Daughter, Sister... who realized that to get the best out of my children I had to give them the best part of me. This required more of me then I would have ever imagined and the responsibility of being a parent as/was the caring for my aging parents. Both were journey's different path's but a journey. One not without it's scares but filled with sacrifice, joy, happiness and love that provides memories long after one is gone to their resting place.

I am a woman that knows the challenges of marriage/single parenting. Who has dedicated time for responsibility with the inference on putting family first. By doing this I learned that most parents were just like me providing, educating, loving, caring, and wanting more for their children and families. It was through the school P.T.S.A/O (Parent, Teacher, Student, Association/Organization). After knocking on doors did I meet these wonderful amazing parents and students. All of whom are now parents and grandparents now. Take a bow ladies and gentleman here is a round of applause to a job well done. I get a kick out of my children and their friends whom now have become family talk about the days I would sit in their classes, lunch room and walk around the school and the surrounding area.Attending activities and community building meetings/conferences.

I am a woman that knows the challenges of health issues, aging parents , mental health, substance abuse and the impact it can have on a family. I remember being at a training back in  2006/2007 hearing a woman share her families experience and how she and her husband did everything in their power to save their son from the disease. Despite all her efforts they couldn't and she now was part of the movement to bring fourth change in recovery treatment programs and centers. She started out saying, " I am just a mom," That day was like a confirmation for me to continue on my path. That day she was more than a "Mom" she was a "Super Hero" because I know her journey wasn't easy but she had a desire to help other's who may encounter some of what she had already experienced. Along with making an impact in her community and the world. I know your asking what does this have to do with who I am? I can't explain who I am without others as it's because of others past and present that I am who I am becoming everyday.

I am a woman who knows some of the challenges dealing with juvenile  correctional facilities filled with young men and young women. I know the challenges that a parent can face when dealing with what the schools label as an "At Risk Child" and the navigation through programs. I am a woman that not just cares for my children but some how developed the love of other's children by default of getting involved in  schools, community and work adopted the love that every child's safety, well-being, and education was a responsibility.

I am a woman that know's the true value of life and holds high regard to how precious and sacred it truly is. So, to answer the question who am I? I am, one out of million generations of beautiful, intelligent, woman of red, dark brown, light gold hue, of dark chocolate wanting to make a difference in the world.  Starting with myself first, and then I can help others.

I would love to be invited and share with your Groups, Schools, Community based / mentor programs, Churches Youth Groups and more.

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