Welcome to Tammise, your source for home goods and clothes and more.  We are a four year old company and as we continue to grow we hope you are there for every step. We're dedicated to giving you the very best  products and services with a focus on customer service and uniqueness in the selection of high quality fabrics and raw materials that comply with eco-friendly or fair trade standards.

March of 2018 Tia Rodgers developed, Tammise is a new home business based in  Camden, New Jersey. Tia has served in public service worker. She values providing an enriched life for children and families, caring for her own children as well as her parents. Tia continued to serve others in the fields of families, mental health, and various area's human services. Tia designed Tammise Market in honor of her mother, whom she and her family lost to Alzheimer's as it has an  impacted many families.  The designing of Tammise  was a huge coping mechanism as Tia worked through her grief process and had  to figure out life, now that she created a new way and all that comes with it.  

Founder Tia,  As we are growing our mission is to help individuals and families that is open to home business ownership, getting financially healthy, go green to save the environment and need a hand up to achieve their dreams despite the life challenges they face and continue to overcome.

Tammise  in order to make a difference in her life and other's lives through self development, professional network marketing product services and opportunities. Tia's journey is founded on family, health, wellness, & financial literacy education, exploration of the world toward the betterment of an individual that will impact a family.  

Tia is a homebased business owner that understands what it means to never give up. Tammise  has been in business for 2 years as Tia worked her full time job and worked her home based business. Tia has now created a business that she runs from her home computer, phone and from anywhere. Through networking professionals opportunities Tia has learned about the rewards of being committed to producing multiple streams of income and changing her life and wishes to share it with all that are interested in building something for themselves and families. As she helps other's in need in her community through donations given to agencies in her surrounding community that are already doing what Tia has wants to do on a larger scale but realize that it's more effective to help those who are already doing just that and wish to continue as we all work together for the common good for all.

We hope you enjoy our products, services and blog, as much as we enjoyed selecting and creating  them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Tia Rodgers, Founder