Life and living do we really know the difference? Since our lives are serious business it's time to jump into the learning curve. As we see we can not change our past but we sure have the power to change the future. How you might ask? Easier said than done. Holding on to the past will not serve you in your future. It's time to let go and trust that every decision made from this point on is working towards your good. As everything you have been through has molded you into who you are right now. There comes a time when you just have to say, " I don't care what I have to go through my future is worth it all and take the chance to bet on you.


In the game of monopoly we all select our piece for the board, we are given enough money to start the game and then we roll the dice. Some end up owners of property and the rail roads and others end up paying the cost for landing on those properties as well as get to collect some dough. Other times we land on collect nothing and go straight to jail. It seems like a simple game that makes for a great family game night especially for those who came to win. Since games aren't really a thing for us we play however it's not as serious as it is for most that look forward to playing.

How much of life is gear based on how well or not well that we play the game? We know that everyone that plays has the same opportunity to win yet someone also has to lose and have an opportunity to come back. But not so much in the game of life. Some opportunities aren't always going to provide an opportunity to come back some are a once and a life time thing but how do we know for sure? We either go for the opportunity or we don't. Those who choose the opportunity usually gain more out of life as well as the opportunity and those who don't well what really happens to those who pass over opportunities? Well some will still make something of their lives but will always have that, " I should have , would have mentality", or they blame others for the opportunities they passed over. That's just no way to live because you miss out on some of the amazing things that life has to offer. There was once a time when we passed over opportunities that we told ourselves we couldn't  do it and or afford it. Until the day when staying where we were was just as painful as not taking advantage of the opportunities passed over.

The first step in getting in gear to begin the journey of taking advantage of opportunities that would grow us in every area of our lives. To change our life circumstances and situations we knew that it was going to be our job to begin and follow through with the process of the journey. You will have to push yourself even when you feel like you can’t go any further.  This does not mean not to take care of yourself by no means it  means that you will have to be intentional on caring for you as well as doing the work required to work on and for you. 

If our values direct our lives than it requires us to look at what we consider valuable and what we place value on during our life journey.  What are the three things that you make time for?  Because we are unique means that not one of us will spend time in the same way everyday. Nor should we because we all are divinely and uniquely made to be who we are and not what others tell us or make us feel like we are and the only way to know which you are being is that you have to get to know who you are. Once you have done that you will never live in the shadow of your life.

As you are looking at your what it is you value in your life we want you to think about what truly inspires your life that brings you joy excitement that you can’t wait to do it again and again?  These are questions we ask ourselves over and over again throughout our life along with many other questions to help us discover our true self or realization of self. A journey of blessings once you begin the journey.  It required us to pursue education to learn about the world and the people we live with, work with, and or socialize with and or partner with and how we are a reflection of it all.

Weather your a parent or not you life is your responsibility no one else’s but yours. That means should you become a parent now your not only responsible for your life now your responsible for the lives you created and gave birth too. However, parenting does not define who you are it is another aspect of who you are and becoming depending where you are in your parenting journey. Yes, as a parent you want to provide the best for your children and we all work very hard to do so. Yet, rarely do we think of ways to work smarter instead of harder to actually begin positioning ourselves to succeed in life and balance work life and living.  We say living because there were times in our life where we thought we were living and the truth of the matter is we were merely working and life  not truly living the life we wanted to live for reasons we told ourselves that we couldn’t or shouldn’t do and or have something.  To this day we wonder where it came from that way of thinking that we couldn’t or shouldn’t do and or have because we knew already that anything that we truly wanted we were going to have to go get it. The problem is going to get it requires more time to receive sometimes less if you think of it from an investor’s point of view experience.

We all can make and or earn money that’s a fact however what we do with the money made and or earned determines what and how we will fair in times of challenges unforeseen circumstances or situations. Valuable lessons learned along the way were to pay yourself first through creating a savings and taking a portion of that savings to place in the marketplace to generate a surplus.  We understand that for some you have to work your way from check cashing services that charge you on the check you want cashed to obtaining a banking checking and or savings. It may sound strange but we understand that given the circumstances one my not be able to keep consistent income to maintain a banking checking and or savings account due to inability to maintain the required amount for the account to be open and the fees you can be charged makes saving anything challenging but you can move pass it should you choose.

We aren’t sure which is worst or best having money or not having money as poor money management habits can leave you in the more or less category.  When we were coming up we knew very little about credit and how to best utilize it for greater financial advantage. Our first encounter with credit happened in college and it was working well until life changes came. Again the thinking of we couldn’t or shouldn’t be doing came in to play. It took years of going through repeated cycles of couldn’t and or shouldn’t would play in our minds and show up in our lives. We never knew we were in our own way simply by the way we were choosing to think about the life we were living at the time.  So reason’s for the delay of getting to the place in life where we decided that if we don’t do we won’t have and it may require us to change something’s about our life that we were doing everyday that was producing nothing but more scarcity in our lives.

The first time you sit down with someone to help you understand and get clear as to what it is that you want to do with the life you live can feel uncomfortable at first. It is uncomfortable because you have to develop a relationship of trust that together you will map out the path that is best for you and knowing who you are and what your values are will help to prevent taking paths that don’t quite fit you and sometimes you have to take a path to identify what it is that you are truly called to do with your life.

This could take some time possible a few sessions to help you get clear and zone in on the right path for you based of your interest of passion or purpose. Now if you don’t have good experiences from your school age years you may not be motivated to sit in a class room for instruction with assignments and homework to show your understanding of the subject your studying. And if your school age experiences were pretty good you probably don’t mind the instruction assignments and homework. Either way you still have the power to change your life from what it is today for what you want to become tomorrow but at some point in life the one thing we have learned is that it’s beneficial to have the ability to read, write and know the formula’s of mathematics. These three quality’s are guaranteed to show up in our lives over and over again and if they are things your not proficient at or you struggle with it can be a distraction towards how far you can actually go and do in life. The lack of it could possibly make you a victim simply due to lack of knowledge. It doesn’t mean that those with the ability of the three don’t have the same possibility of risk it just means that hopefully should they do their do diligence hopefully they can catch it before hand but with or without  we all stand the same possibility of risk and knowledge even a little could make a better impact.

We all can succeed in life should we decide that we will. Weather you are guided along the path or taking the path alone if you seek better believe us better will seek you.  Do you have a life changing story to share that show’s your ability to overcome the life challenge?  I’m sure you do because most people do have a story it the matter of weather they wish to share it or not.  Holding on to our stories could be the very thing holding us back. We tend to think that our story isn’t that important or doesn’t really hold much weight but it does.  Our journey proves that when you go for just money you will get it but you probably won’t keep it. If you go for connecting with people and teaching them how they too can do better and leave it up to them to decide if they want to take the advice tips and or life example and use it for their good towards their path of self development and change.

We learned that to become successful in life you have to be open and willing to continue to learn weather in a educational institution or a virtual learning experience  there is no limit to how and what you can learn if your wanting to learn.  The most important lesson learned is the lesson of who you are and what your life means to you and how you see the life you live.  Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others because their life is not your life and to raise your standards in your life you are going to meet many individuals that are on the same path simply walking talking and doing different from you, yet when you collaborate on a project it blends well because although we are not the same we all have our own unique gift to leave here on this earth.  The greatest challenge is our own ego and not allowing it to lead us to the seven deadly sins in life to the extinct that we are thinking we are more or less than the next one because life happens to all of us and having confidence and becoming your best self is rewarding in itself.  

Pursing your life the life you want to live is addicting in good and bad ways. This is why it’s key that you know who you are and who’s you are as your pursing you life experiences many times we think we are choosing it and most times it chooses us. The love of people and or the desire to understand people and how they operate throughout life how they handle life challenges and pursue their life dreams and the variations of what success means to each one individual as well as groups.  Everyone has an idea of what they want their life to be, being happy with the life they are living while working toward the life that is becoming the new chapter, cycle of the circle of life. Yet many give up far to soon, some will go on pause for a moment to get back in alignment gain clarity and focus, and some go forward not without challenges but with the faith that the purpose is greater than anything that is presently attempting to distract from the course of directions in which you want your life to go.

One way to build sustainability is to provide consistency in the actions toward it. One way to get rid of scarcity is to test the fear behind it.

One way to achieve knowledge is to go for it.

The first step is to decide what you want the next step is to find out the how…

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We don’t guarantee that anyone will create earnings from this course it self and if you take the course and don’t put anything into action surely you will not get the most out of the course and assignments. This course is to help us on our journey of creating redefining and or discovering our true essence of who we are and how we see the life we want to live.  The steps in the course are strictly beginning stages of understanding your true self your life and help you discover your own gifts along your journey.

Should you decide to join our community of learning entrepreneurs you will continue to obtain level information for each process of your journey of the path you have chosen. Training schedules will be emailed to each participant much of what we teach is available through the links we provided in other articles should you just simply be window article reading and what to see what our course topics are about our mission and what we care about and contribute to on an annual basis.

We remember a time when we were saying to ourselves that there has to be more to life than going to work everyday coming home and sitting on the porch.  We all have the tendency to ponder what our life could be like if we just had did this or did that…

Have you ever made a commitment to yourself and stuck to it? How is it working out for you?

We love to read your story drop it in the comments below. After all sharing is caring..





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