How to Win in Life Win in Business & Love What You Do Pathway

Winning in life, business, and embracing a life you love begins with a single step. It's about taking that leap of faith and believing in yourself. As mentioned, seeking guidance from a higher power, like God, can be a powerful source of strength and wisdom.

The human mind is complex, and people can indeed veer away from their intended paths. External influences, doubts, fears, or societal pressures can lead individuals astray. It underscores the importance of providing support, mentorship, and resources to help people stay on their chosen paths.

Establishing a clear pathway process and offering guidance can be instrumental in helping individuals stay aligned with their goals. This process may include self-awareness, mentorship, and a supportive community.

Being able to get through the adolescent periods of my children’s life was the learning curve that in some way prepared me for the transition of them growing in to their young adulthood. The journey was very enlighten especially raising a man child. Raising a daughter is challenging in ways of growth, maturity and attitude however, our daughters always emulate their mother or mother role model in front of them.

Our man children will take on the role of the man weather a man is present or not. They seek and or observe the males in their life be it a grandfather, uncle, cousin, family friend believes me they are watching. Our male children are naturally born with a protective spirit and nature and this goes for our daughters as well, when one parent is absent and one parent is present children are naturally protective and loving towards the parent that is present should they be worth their grain of salt as a parent no punt intended, as every parent isn’t able or capable of being a parent for a variety of reasons. So, the importance of the character of the individual will depend on the perception you will leave on the male child.

As a mother of a young African American male from 1990 to 2008 had its challenges but through the grace mercy and love of my father who had love for me and my offspring and had on problem holding family court whenever there were matters that me being the mother could not get the importance behind the discipline that had to be implied in order to teach lessons that would be monumental to his continued growth as a man.

 Never mind that fact that as a woman I have no idea of how to be a man nor what or how a man can feel in certain situation especially when he is the only male in the home. I will be forever grateful for the male’s that were a part of our life and the journey for the seasons of man child years. They provided so much support and guidance for me as a mother and many times their advice was not what I wanted to hear as a mother and that’s simply, “Experience is the best teacher”, ooh how this response would light my fire. From that moment on I learned that as a parent no matter how much I wanted to protect and take care of them.

There were times I had to accept that I had to trust that what I taught them would have to manifest from within them in order to drive their life and life ambitions. It took a few experecnices but one day I was blessed to hear the words that every parent wants to hear, their man child speaking life into his life and telling you how they plan to go after what they want in life and what they want out of life in pursuit of his own ideal of life and happiness. What a glorifying day it was to hear that as a parent you are appreciated by your growing children.

There are external risks and dangers that young men can face, and it's essential to educate and protect them from these potential pitfalls. Unfortunately, there are stereotypes and misconceptions about young black men. It's essential to challenge these stereotypes and help them thrive despite societal biases. Young minds are incredibly adaptable and curious, making it easier to instill positive values and life skills. Being a parent to a young man can be a catalyst for your own personal growth and self-awareness.



Building healthy relationships is vital, and it requires maturity and understanding from both parties. It's crucial for young men to have a solid sense of self and clear goals before entering into serious commitments. A relationship should complement one's life, not define it.

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