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Are you in the flow to create a meaningful life? Do you have core values that you live by? On this day you can change what you  produce.  Tax season is well under way have you filed or are you waiting? Tax season can be very stressful some so I hope these tips will help ease some of the stress. Tax season is a the time of year to prep for and make a day of it,  treat yourself to a lovely day while you prepare your documents for yourself filed taxes for the year or for your friendly tax prepare as it helps to keep things in order.

1. W-2 forms or 1099

2. Educational expenses

3. Charitable donations

4. Retirement account contributions

5. Classroom, Business expenses

6. Property taxes and mortgage interest documents

This list can go on depending on your line of work and or business you in. Now you can prepare and complete your tax records yourself and there are a few tax programs software that can help you do just that, IRS Free File, and Turbo Tax all go resources for preparing and filing your tax documents for the year. You also must know if your filing a individual return or joint return as it all plays apart of the tally for the end of the years spending and or savings plan you have created for yourself along with types of investments which all play a part.  The Treasury and IRS issued no extensions for this year so taxes are due on Monday April 18, 2022 in the United States so if you have not yet filed you best to get on it the time will fly by before you know it.

Now as your preparing for the end of tax year make sure that you have a plan for your tax return or have worked out how you will pay them back if you end up owing. If you have debt make a plan as to how your going to decrease your debt this year. Financial guidance is something we could benefit from in times of our lives, I mean it can't hurt especially if you need it at the time.

You can get a hold of your finances, build your savings, work on eliminating debt or invest in your future with an IRA. Save for a large purchase such as a home or family vacation which ever your heart desires. Your credit score is the most important thing to get started living a financial free life and lifestyle.  You want to know your score and track you report for any mistakes or items that don't belong to you.

Did You Know:

1.4 million reported having been a victim of Identity theft in 2020. 64% of Americans are expected to retire with less than $10,000 in their retirement account. As well as 114.6 trillion American households reported having debt in 2021. This information is just an estimate of what's going on in America today surround their finances and we are here to help you gain more insight around your financial situation so that we can change these numbers and get them lower and more Americans can become more financial literate and begin to build a more stable financial future for generations to come.

If you open to learn more join us  to learn more on how you can become better in your financial future.  In today's time we are learning more and more how important it is to prepare for that rainy day.

If your interested in learning about how and ways to invest to secure not just your financial future but also prepare for your family.  Feel free to read Black American Money by Dr. Boyce Watkins and or go the the Black Financial Channel at  

 To learn more about your credit score and the importance of investing check out this article it's filled with information at


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