When You Look In The Mirror What Do You See?

The reflection we see in the mirror can be a many of things that are sewn throughout our being and DNA.  As along the life journey of consistent new experiences as well as how the experience made us feel.

Some feel to much, some not enough and some feel nothing at all.  However the biggest problem most of us have is the challenges we have entirely between our own ears, or at least it is for me,  if not for anyone else.

For many the reflection in the  mirror tells our individual stories from begin to the end.  Have you ever tried avoiding looking in the mirror?

It's pretty hard to do, avoid a mirror that is, as often times they are every where as some buildings have mirrored doors which gives you a full body view.  Depending on how one maybe feeling that day and or what self talk is going on in their mind, can determine how they perceive the reflection of self in the  mirror.

From birth-your present age-until death we will have picked up positive and negative messages. Over the time in the journey we will have experienced experiences that we have responded negatively or positively to yet are still carrying it with us knowingly or unknowingly.

Until we begin to come to accept who we truly are from within very little change will we see in our own lives. Life will be like the movie, "Ground Hogs Day".  Repeating the same thing daily and getting the same result at the end of the day.

Along the journey of life we can and have the power to create positive, negative and or both.  Our responses and how we behave are results of what we create and or allow in our lives.

No one is exempt in those moments in life.  As one moment in life can change your life forever.  We hope and wish for the positive but sometimes we suffer the negative.  Yet, we have a choice in how it all can possibly come out.  Even with the challenges and obstacles that come along in life.

Life's journey stories are just as diverse and unique as the individuals themselves.  That bring with them their cultural, nationality, beliefs, hopes, dreams and desires of creating something good in the world together that benefits everyone as a whole. 

Often times this can be a smooth transition and other times and can feel like a stumble fall, knock stuff around, type experience in the beginning.  However, it doesn't have to be but it will be if individuals are unwilling and or reluctant to get real with the reflection in the mirror.   There are possible variables in the process and you must be aware of where you are in the process.

Are you in the beginning of the process?

Are you in the middle of the process?

Have you started the process?

Or are you in the acceptance phase?  The phase of mirror reflection where you forgive yourself first for all that you may feel has held you back and or gotten in the way of all the abundant gifts that life offer's us.

The phase where you remind yourself daily that you are not what you have experienced. 

You deserve all that life has to give and offer. 

You are capable of creating a new way in life and show others how too. 

You are unique in your filed.

You are working through not being the best at starting something new.

The day you stop asking yourself.

Should I do it?

Is it right?

Is this what I am suppose to be doing?

How does this connect to the ideal, dream and or vision?

Will you be rejected?

How will you navigate through and continue to develop handling the rejection?

How will you keep yourself motivated to continue forward?

Do you believe in the products and or services value and convenience for online members?

These are just a few questions most of us asked ourselves prior to making a decision to come aboard the exclusive opportunity network marketing has to offer every individual that chooses to join.

Along the journey of life we will and or have experience moments of doubt yet, we don't have to stay in doubt and or fear of failure or success.  The moment in life when your able to look at your life from where you stand in this very moment in life.

What is your belief of success and failure?

What is your current situation of your finances, health, relationship and spiritual life?

Are you happy with where you are presently?

Where do you want to be and do you have a plan to get there?

The mirror reflection will begin to have you take action responsibly in the process of your personal growth and professional development growth.

Now the reflection in the mirror has got you ready to begin your new way of life. You have started to get your finances working for you as you grow.  You start a business with no large upfront investment with no debt.

You have assessed your  risk of your investment and are aware that 50% of all business fail within the first 5 years?

Is today the day you want to take control of your life?

Are you convinced that the product and or service will add value and convenience to your members for online access to them?

Are your actions something others can do?  As your members will do what you do as you grow your business.

Life should be an adventure between the age of 25-65 years.  Will you make the grade or will you fall into conformity?(E.N. The Secret) 

More than $189 million Americans have credit cards.  On average each household with credit cards carry $8,398 dollars in debt.  America census found that 8.5% of the U.S. population went without medical insurance for all of 2018 up form 7.9% in 2017.

Are you ready to take control of your life by building a debt free life for you and your family and wish to build a business?

Do you want to have your money work for you or do you want to continue to work for money? (R.K. RichDad PoorDad)

Start today with a one time initial payment of $188 to start and $89 a month membership fee. There is no contract and you are free to stop services at anytime.

Upon starting your services you will find the value and see the assest of being a part of the services.

When you see the reflection in the mirror you will see that you are the difference between success & failure.

There are 24 hours in everyday.  How are you spending your 24?

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Have an amazing day.  Be Safe Stay Home As It Saves Lives


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